Things that are Hiking in Utah: Horsetail Falls Trail

Thursday, October 19

Let me back up... Chase and I were hiking down from Squaw Peak last August and ran into this couple who told us about a hike called Horsetail Falls located in Alpine. So while Chase was away on a business trip in November I really wanted to go hike, since he didn't feel comfortable with me running. I ended up going solo because I had no one to go with. marks this hike as hard, though I don't remember it being that hard compared to hiking the Y. Horsetail Falls is a 4 mile out and back hike. The only complaint I have is that I could not find the side trail leading over to the falls, which happened to be the majority of the complaints.

I liked that this hike had a wide trail, pretty much the entire way up. I happened to follow the All Trails map, and it actually took me above the falls and I ended up scaling down the side of the mountain. There were several little side trails as you get closer to the falls that you could take to get a better view.

The beginning of the trail

 You can see the falls in the distance

Horsetail Falls

Overall a great hike for families, but don't be like me and scale down the mountain. 😜

What's a fun hike that you've been on recently? 

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Fitness Weekly Wrap Up Week #8

Sunday, October 15

This week was a lot better as far as what workouts I was able to get in. I didn't do as much strength training but I did get in more cardio.

Monday: We were going to go for a walk since Chase had the day off, but we decided to go put up posters for our event, and that took longer than we were thinking. 

Tuesday: Went for a solo 2.8 mile run down by the lake. It's a fun little trail. My pace was 12:06/mile, and it was mentally hard for me to run.

Wednesday: Did "total body tone fest" and "strong like wonder woman workout" Blogilates workouts in my jammies. After having had mastitis twice in a two month period, I decided that I'm too lazy tired to change into a tighter sports bra. I got thinking that the sports bra was in relation to me getting mastitis, so I'm sticking to strength in my jammies. ☺️

I also went for a walk with another new mom in my neighborhood. I think we did a mile and a half. I didn't calculate it, so I'm not quite sure.

Thursday: Ran with Kason in the stroller, on a trail I haven't run since prepping for my marathon and the Dopey Challenge in 2015. Kason and I ran 2 miles, and my pace was 10:52/mile. Which I think is weird since I could barely keep running on Tuesday and I was running solo.

Friday: Went for a 4.8 mile hike with Chase and Kason. We went up to Dog Lake up Big Cottonwood Canyon in Salt Lake. We attempted this trail snowshoeing in January for my birthday, but only made it a 1/4 of the way. Kason did amazing. We dressed him up super warm, since the weather was going to be in the 40's-50's. I'll write up a post about the hike later.

Saturday: I was going to go out for a walk with my dad and Kason, but Kason ended up sleeping longer than he normally does. So it ended up being a rest day.

Sunday: Rest Day

What fun things did you do this past week?

Best Motivational Signs During a Race

Tuesday, October 10

I've ran quite a few races, and I love the motivational signs. When I'm not racing I'll either try and take pictures (if I have my phone) or try and remember them. Here's some that I've taken pictures of.

From the Disneyland Race in Orlando in 2016:

"Spoiler Alert - You are killing this race!"

"Hey Girl, I'll see you at the FINN-ish"
"If this is your idea of FUN. I don't want to know what a BAD day looks like."
"She's Lying --> Run Faster He Farted"

From the Disneyland Half Marathon 2016:

"Run like there's a hot guy in front of you and a creepy one behind you."

From the Huntsville Marathon in 2015:

"You're doing a great JABBA!"
"May the course be with you."
What fun motivational signs have you seen before?

Fitness Weekly Wrap Up #7

Sunday, October 8

Two weeks ago, Kason and I were sick the majority of the week. I felt good on Monday and did workout, but not the rest of the week. Since I'm not training for anything except getting fit again, I'm focused on staying healthy so I opted to just get better.

Monday: 5 sets of 10 of; Squats, modified push-ups (on my knee), Lunges (then reverse lunges), plank, bridges.

Tuesday: Ran/walked 3.07 stroller miles. It was hard though it was mostly flat. I'm amazed at how much effort it takes to push a stroller as I run.

Wednesday: Rest Day

Thursday: Took the dogs and Kason for a walk around our neighborhood.

Friday: Ultimately a rest day. I had a headache all day which resulted in resting.

Saturday: I was at the Utah Fertility Conference all day meeting with couples struggling with infertility. It was amazing! If you don't follow me or our foundation on social media you should because I posted about me attending the conference.

Sunday: Rest Day

Hopefully I'll have a few more workout days this week. Since the weather is getting colder, I don't know how to dress a baby for cold weather. But I am finding that afternoons are the warmest to run with him.

Things that are Hiking in Utah: Big Springs Hollow Trail

Tuesday, October 3

You can get to this trail by driving up Provo Canyon until you reach South Fork. You cross over the river and there's a big park on your right. You continue up the canyon for several miles until you reach Big Springs, or what we call North Fork. At the very top of the park there's a parking lot. To the south of the lot there's a trail, and you walk over the little stream to start. says this is a 4.2 mile out and back hike. But we didn't ever go 2.1 miles in. 

Chase and I hiked this trail a few weeks after finding out we were pregnant. Chase was worried that I would miscarry if I did any type of cardio aside from walking. Because that's what they tell you during IVF - no high impact workouts.

So instead of running, I convinced him to go on a hike with me.

2016 hike
 This is a fun, easy, family friendly hike.

There are lots of little side trails to view the stream. You walk over several bridges the first mile.

A funky looking spider on the middle of the trail. 

2017 hike
There comes a point where you reach a fork in the trail. One leads to the Equestrian parking and the other leads to Big Springs Cascade Saddle. At that point the trail got a little funky and we weren't quite sure where to go. We saw/heard a camp to the south and ended up walking towards there and ended up on a dirt road that led down to where the trail and the dirt road meet (see above photo).

Overall it's a really pretty hike. We're hoping to go snow shoeing again this winter and may try and hike it once again.

Book Review: Becoming a Calm Mom

Tuesday, September 26

I was browsing the Internet/Pinterest sometime before Kason was born and I came across this book called "Becoming a Calm Mom." I felt like it was something I needed for me in my life. I was worried I would be frustrated with a newborn and upset with how things were going to be from here on out. 

I'm one to be uptight almost all the time, can't take a joke or understand a joke, etc. so this book was a must for me to read. Over the years I have slowly started changing how I react to people/situations. I also think that taking the hypnobirthing classes and doing daily relaxations helped me to not be so uptight and stressed during pregnancy. Chase commented on a few occasions that I seemed a lot less stressed out, which helped me feel I was on the right path. 

In the book, Deborah teaches you to be a calm thinker, a calm communicator and to be your own behavior therapist. To help you in potential non calm situations that may arise. Like a crying baby on an airplane while passengers are giving you dirty looks. Or to help you interact with your spouse when it's 3am and you are short with each other due to lack of sleep, etc.

Some things that stood out to me are:

Not focusing solely on the positive as a mom. Because some days are just rough. She says: "Women don't want to be judged negatively by others... women don't want to admit to themselves that motherhood is an enormous challenge."

Then goes onto saying: "New mom's also may experience a great deal of guilt if they do not feel blissfully happy every day, particularly if having a baby was a challenge." -After so much grief and heartache trying to get those babies here when we aren't happy every day (when we feel we should be happy because we finally beat infertility) causes us to be a bit more depressed.

She says: "Obviously, it's important to make sure your baby's needs are met before you focus on yourself. But remember that taking care of yourself often rubs off on your baby." -I am constantly reminding myself that if I take care of myself, even if it's making sure I stay hydrated, eat or exercise then I'm rubbing off on him and he's blessed because of it.

"Babies should complement your life, not complicate it." -We live in a society where kids are known to complicate our lives. We aren't able to do things that we once were able to before the birth of a baby. Yes that is true, but I'm sure there are good people who you can trust to watch the baby for a few hours so you can get some "me" or "date night" time.

"Avoid Avoidance. Many new moms avoid going out because they are afraid of how they will deal with the inevitable crying infant. The problem with avoidance is that it can bring on other problems - loneliness, isolation, boredom, and a feeling of ineffectiveness if nothing gets done besides caring for the baby." -I also think that avoiding public places and staying inside can bring on depression. If you are happy then you're baby will be happy.

and since most of us worked before being successful at getting pregnant, "It is best to enter this new stage in your life expecting that being a new mom is going to be the hardest job you ever had. When reality matches your expectations- or when reality turns out to be better than your expectations- you will feel much better than if you had set yourself up with goals that are simply impossible to meet."

Overall, reading this book was probably one of the best decisions I made before Kason was born. I am constantly reminding myself to breath, and calm my mind. I think there was more stress and frustration between Chase and I in deciding on how to do things rather than Kason himself.

Fitness Weekly Wrap Up #6

Sunday, September 24

This week was a bit difficult to go running due to weather (cold and rainy), and I'm really wishing I had a treadmill for when the temp gets super cold December-February. 

Monday: Hiked the Grotto Falls Trail in Payson, UT. I'll post a recap of our hike later. It was a really short hike, but it was all we really had time for. It was really pretty and just overall a nice little hike.

Tuesday: I did this workout I found off of Pinterest. It only took me 9 minutes, and I'm sure going through it at least 2-3 times would've been a better option. Next time I'll do more rounds.

Wednesday: I did part of this video. I did 34/50 workouts in my jammies (I dread changing into workout clothes if you can't tell) before I had to get ready for the day.

Thursday: Unplanned Rest Day aka Lazy Bum! 😅

Friday: I did squats, reverse lunges & regular lunges, knee push ups, and bridges. 4 sets of 10 reps. I was gonna do a full 10 sets, but Kason didn't nap for very long so I cut it short.

Saturday: I walked around Comic Con with Kason for a few hours, while Chase was volunteering. It was fun, but exhausting trying to move past people with a stroller.

Sunday: Rest Day
Do any fun workouts this week?

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How to Deal with Menstrual Pain Using Calcium

Tuesday, September 19

I deal with menstrual pain, and I have as far back as I can remember. When I was in high school my periods were heavy and painful. One time I had to get a hold of my dad (who was 2,000 miles away), because I couldn't get a hold of my mom, to excuse me from school due to extreme menstrual pain. I was on the floor crying because the medicine I had taken wasn't working. Shortly after that incident, I was prescribed birth control to help deal with painful, heavy periods.

Menstrual cycles change over the years along with how your body changes.

I have started learning that we women shouldn't believe doctors when they say that painful periods are something that you just need to deal with. I'm sorry to say, but uterine pain during menstruation is not, and should not be called normal. Any pain your body experiences is NOT normal! Think of it this way, you stub your toe or break a bone, that is pain, and obviously that isn't normal, so what makes having pain during your cycle normal either? I don't think doctors prescribing birth control is the solution either.

I have tried a lot of different medicine to prevent menstrual pain/cramps. I finally got fed up with all of the over-the-counter medicine I was taking. A lot of times the medicine wouldn't work.

I started noticing that I would get a stomach ache with any type of pain medication. I started listening to my body and learned it was either what I was eating or the medicine I was taking. I was caught in this dilemma; either I take the medicine to be somewhat cramp free for a few hours and have a stomach ache or not take medicine, have serious cramps and not be sick to my stomach. I would take the latter.

I was talking to my mom one day and she said to try taking calcium. I tried it the next time I had menstrual pain. It couldn't make it hurt worse could it? I mean I was already in pain. Sure enough, it actually took away the pain. But only for about an hour, then it started hurting again. Taking calcium wasn't something where I take one calcium and the pain goes away for the rest of the day, I kept taking it at any sign of pain. I ended up taking about 3-4 throughout the day, and that seemed to be just what I needed.

The dosage was anywhere from 600mg to 1200mg. I just used what I had on hand, and didn't buy from a fancy brand. I have heard from lots of people about the potency of vitamins and minerals varying from brand to brand and I know they aren't regulated by the FDA. I took Calcium Citrate (630 mg), which included Vitamin D3 (500 IU), during my pregnancy to help with muscle cramps. Which was mainly to help with SI Joint pain.

So, is it bad to take a lot of calcium while on your period?

I honestly don't think so. You aren't doing it every day of the month, but for a few days out of the month. I recently read that we should be more concerned with the non natural products (processed foods for example) that we're eating than vitamins and minerals. Yes, we don't want to not get enough or have too much, because health problems can arise with too much or too little.

After having taken it I started wondering what would be the reason why calcium works to take away menstrual pain. I started researching calcium, and found that women's bodies get deprived of nutrients right before your cycle begins. Which is the majority cause of PMS symptoms. I'm not entirely sure how the body gets deprived of those nutrients (prepping the egg for fertilization? or the hormones Estrogen and Progesterone), but it sure happens every month.

Disclaimer: Though I'm not an expert, I have done what works for me. I started listening to my body and started trying natural remedies instead of over-the-counter medications. Listen to your body, do what works best for you and consult a health professional for proper dosing. 



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Fitness Weekly Wrap Up #5

Sunday, September 17

This week was really hard mentally and emotionally. There were quite a few factors that caused it to be hard.

Monday: Went to Barre after 2 months being off. It was so great to be able to do all of the moves, and my arms were sore the next day.

Tuesday: Ran/walked roughly 2 stroller miles. Which were pretty hard miles.

Wednesday: Rest Day

Thursday: I was going to go out for a run, but the weather was hit or miss and I didn't feel like taking Kason out in it so I opted for a home workout instead. This workout worked my thighs, inner thighs, and glutes. I realized that my right glute muscle is weaker than my left.
I did Cassey Ho's Blogilates 9/14/17 Inner Thigh workout series:
Gorgeous Legs // CARDIO BEAT, Tone & Trim Your Inner Thighs Workout, Best Thigh Exercises for Toned Legs!, Quick Burn INNER THIGH Workout, 8 min bikini thighs workout.

Friday: Rest Day - I had plans on doing a little workout series, but the day progressed and I didn't end up doing anything.

Saturday: Ran 2 solo miles which felt great (same route as Tuesday). Lately I have been dreading running, and that bugs me because I really do love running. So I read this article and it helped remind me that I need to build my base back up and I do that by running slowly. Once I have that base, then I can start adding in more speed work.

Sunday: Rest Day!!
What did everyone's workouts look like this week?

Things that are Addicts II Athletes 5k Race Recap 2017

Tuesday, September 12

I ran this race 2 years ago along as I was in the 2 weeks of tapering leading up to running my first marathon. I ran the 10k portion. This year, they did not have a 10k option, only a 5k. I somehow convinced Chase to run it, though he said I asked him if he wanted to come with me, which I guess doesn't mean actually run it. Anyways he still ran... even though he hated it.

The race started at 9:00 am, and was about a 20 minute drive for us.

We got there with a few minutes to spare. They had a moment of silence for all friends/family/loved ones who have lost their battle with addiction. Then let white balloons fly for each person that has lost their battle. I haven't lost anyone due to addiction, but I was thinking of a cousin who has struggled with addiction and prayed that he would stay clean and not fall back.

The race was in Salem, in and around Salem Pond. While running Chase decided that we need to take our boat there next year.

We ran across 2 bridges, and up 4 or 5 hills (I lost count).

We finished in 39:19 and our average pace was 12:31 per mile.

Pros: Free race (donations accepted), Supporting a great cause, Weather was great, Great enthusiastic volunteers (which you gotta have lots of them).

Cons: A little hilly, Had to run over 1 wooden bridge (while I was holding my phone in my hand..), Not timed - so I had to go off of my watch.

Overall it was a great race, and I love supporting other nonprofits that are helping families overcome addiction. You can find out more about them here.