Things that are Hiking in Utah: Horsetail Falls Trail

Thursday, October 19

Let me back up... Chase and I were hiking down from Squaw Peak last August and ran into this couple who told us about a hike called Horsetail Falls located in Alpine. So while Chase was away on a business trip in November I really wanted to go hike, since he didn't feel comfortable with me running. I ended up going solo because I had no one to go with. marks this hike as hard, though I don't remember it being that hard compared to hiking the Y. Horsetail Falls is a 4 mile out and back hike. The only complaint I have is that I could not find the side trail leading over to the falls, which happened to be the majority of the complaints.

I liked that this hike had a wide trail, pretty much the entire way up. I happened to follow the All Trails map, and it actually took me above the falls and I ended up scaling down the side of the mountain. There were several little side trails as you get closer to the falls that you could take to get a better view.

The beginning of the trail

 You can see the falls in the distance

Horsetail Falls

Overall a great hike for families, but don't be like me and scale down the mountain. 😜

What's a fun hike that you've been on recently? 

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Fitness Weekly Wrap Up Week #8

Sunday, October 15

This week was a lot better as far as what workouts I was able to get in. I didn't do as much strength training but I did get in more cardio.

Monday: We were going to go for a walk since Chase had the day off, but we decided to go put up posters for our event, and that took longer than we were thinking. 

Tuesday: Went for a solo 2.8 mile run down by the lake. It's a fun little trail. My pace was 12:06/mile, and it was mentally hard for me to run.

Wednesday: Did "total body tone fest" and "strong like wonder woman workout" Blogilates workouts in my jammies. After having had mastitis twice in a two month period, I decided that I'm too lazy tired to change into a tighter sports bra. I got thinking that the sports bra was in relation to me getting mastitis, so I'm sticking to strength in my jammies. ☺️

I also went for a walk with another new mom in my neighborhood. I think we did a mile and a half. I didn't calculate it, so I'm not quite sure.

Thursday: Ran with Kason in the stroller, on a trail I haven't run since prepping for my marathon and the Dopey Challenge in 2015. Kason and I ran 2 miles, and my pace was 10:52/mile. Which I think is weird since I could barely keep running on Tuesday and I was running solo.

Friday: Went for a 4.8 mile hike with Chase and Kason. We went up to Dog Lake up Big Cottonwood Canyon in Salt Lake. We attempted this trail snowshoeing in January for my birthday, but only made it a 1/4 of the way. Kason did amazing. We dressed him up super warm, since the weather was going to be in the 40's-50's. I'll write up a post about the hike later.

Saturday: I was going to go out for a walk with my dad and Kason, but Kason ended up sleeping longer than he normally does. So it ended up being a rest day.

Sunday: Rest Day

What fun things did you do this past week?

Best Motivational Signs During a Race

Tuesday, October 10

I've ran quite a few races, and I love the motivational signs. When I'm not racing I'll either try and take pictures (if I have my phone) or try and remember them. Here's some that I've taken pictures of.

From the Disneyland Race in Orlando in 2016:

"Spoiler Alert - You are killing this race!"

"Hey Girl, I'll see you at the FINN-ish"
"If this is your idea of FUN. I don't want to know what a BAD day looks like."
"She's Lying --> Run Faster He Farted"

From the Disneyland Half Marathon 2016:

"Run like there's a hot guy in front of you and a creepy one behind you."

From the Huntsville Marathon in 2015:

"You're doing a great JABBA!"
"May the course be with you."
What fun motivational signs have you seen before?