Things that are 2017 Goals!

Friday, December 30

Oh my! I seriously haven't even thought about my upcoming goals for the year.  But felt I still needed to create a list and share it. I did put some thought into my goals, so they aren't just written up on a whim. 

I'll be honest, I didn't have goals for 2016. The only ones that I had were run Dopey and go through IVF, which I did in the first month. I hadn't made goals beyond that, because I didn't know what the outcome of our IVF cycle would be.

I'm reminded of the goals that I made in 2015, and the results are listed in bold:

"-Having a better and more meaningful relationship with Chase - this is an ongoing thing that I'm always striving to do.
-Being OKAY with me asking Chase for help around the house - I did get better at this, and it's taken a lot of humility on my part to as for help.
-Running my first Marathon (still need to find a good one for this year! - any ideas?) - Ran my first one in September of 2015 and #2 in January of 2016.
-Strength training on my own and in a class at the rec center - After my knee injury back at the end of May I started going a lot, and I started noticing more definition in my arms and legs. I loved it, and will continue to do it as long as I can.
-Eat better - eat more clean stuff - more fruits and veggies - Earlier this year Chase and I decided that we really really needed to get our of debt, and with that we reduced our budget down to $100 a month. Because our budget is so low for food (and we aren't eating out) we have been eating a lot more crabby food (top raman, mac and cheese, tuna fish sandwich, hot dogs, etc). I've been trying when I can to incorporate more veggies, so that it's not as bad.
-Be in the here and now - not on my phone so often - I'm still working on this more, I had a few weeks where I was not on Facebook, and Instagram much/at all.
-Strive to be more spiritual - work on reading my scriptures and reading more General Conference talks - I started with 5 minutes of scripture reading each morning, and that has helped, but its still a work in progress."

Here are my goals this year:

-Read my Scriptures/Conference talks for at least 5 minutes a day.
-Attend the temple (with or without Chase) at least 10 times.
-Fulfill my Visiting Teaching each month (something I constantly struggle with).

-Sign up for 1-marathon, 1-half marathon, 1-10k and 1-5k to complete by the end of 2017.
-Stick with strength training/Barre at least 3 times a week.
-Do some sort of cardio activity at least 3 times a week.

-Do an activity/Date night we both enjoy once a month.
-Being okay with asking for help from Chase (this is an ongoing one that I need to continue to do).
-Have a better and more meaningful relationship with Chase (this is ongoing).

-Read/Listen to 5 books.
-Be in the present and stop focusing on the "what if's" and the future.
-Write in my journal at least once per month.

I need to constantly remind myself that I'm not going to beat myself up if I fail to achieve my goals for the year. If I'm at least somewhat consistent then that was a better effort than failing in the first month like so many of us do.

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Things that are The Unexpected

Monday, December 26

After 2,737 days of waiting, praying, crying and anticipating...

Expected arrival is: June 20, 2017

Things that are My Year in Running 2016

Friday, December 16

Though my mileage has been down significantly this year I have learned much more by not running than actually running.

I'm linking up with Courtney over at Eat Pray Run DC. Here's my year in running:

Best race experience: It would have to be running the Donald Half Marathon in Orlando, FL while running the Dopey Challenge of 48.6 miles in 4 days. It was January 9, which also happens to be my birthday. Even though my time was horrible it was the memories that I created with my wonderful running friends that I will cherish more.

Best run: After undergoing a failed In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) round in January, I didn't do a ton of running. While I wasn't running as much, it allowed my body to heal from the fertility meds as well as an injury I had on the back of my knee. With my mileage being on the low end I was able to have a successful 5k race on July 4, with a pretty good time of 30:24.

Best new piece of running gear: I didn't get any new running gear this year. Not even new running socks. Hopefully next year I can get an new pair of shoes and maybe a new watch.

Best running advice you've received this year: While I was running the Mickey Marathon, it was hard to go from running to stopping and back and forth (lots of character pictures). I kept what Courtney (Eat Pray Run DC) said last year "run the mile you're in" in my head during that race. I had never heard the quote before, but that seemed to help on those last few miles of running the marathon.

Most Inspirational Runner: Heather, who I follow on Instagram (@Triandrungirl). After several difficult marathons she finally got her BQ, and also became an Ironman in the same year. She has been such an inspiration to me this year, even though this has been a very less active year for me.

Favorite Picture from a Run or Race This Year:
This one is bright and early birthday morning (Jan 9) for our Donald Half Marathon. I was super excited and ready to run a half. I don't think I have ever felt more prepared to not care about a time, than that day. I was there to have fun, and it was a ton of fun.

I know this isn't a picture of me, but it is of my two good running friends, Shelly and Celise. We were all supposed to run Dumbo Double Dare Challenge and get our coast to coast medals. We were all sure that I would be about 8 months pregnant and running that much probably wasn't the best idea. So I didn't sign up. After two failed IVF cycles, they thought no better way to cheer me up, than to get me to California and run the Disneyland Half Marathon with them. Since they were doing the Challenge (including the 10k), I was off walking around Downtown Disney waiting for them to pass by. I saw them and teared up. They were wearing (even though they told me they would be wearing "forget the glass slippers" outfit) my Running with Infertility shirts, and had dedicated that run to me and Chase and all that we had been through. To me that was the best thing anyone had ever done for me. That is why I'm including it in one of my favorite pictures. It serves as a reminder of all the heartbreak, loss, and good runs that I have had this year.

Race Experience You would repeat in a heartbeat: Running The Dopey Challenge. There were 4 of us in our group and we had the best of times. Yes, it was crowded, but I believe Disney knows how to put on good races. If I had the money ($560) to sign up for it, I would do it again.

If you could sum up your year in a couple of words what would it be?: "Expensive." I spent a lot of money on races (Dopey mainly) and fertility treatments. If I had to choose another phrase it would be "a year of learning." I learned a lot about what my body is capable of and can see that I can progress.

P.S. Sale going on in the Shop through December 31. Go check it out!
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I'm Two! Happy Blogiversary!

Tuesday, December 6

I'm amazed that this year has already passed. There has been so much goodness, learning and so much sorrow and heartache this year. We've gone through 2 IVF cycles, I ran my second marathon, gone on a lot of hikes, ran two half marathons for the year, and saved up $14,000 in 4 months.

Here are the posts that were read the most this past year of blogging:

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I also opened up a shirt shop (will add more shirts as time passes) here on my site and have a cute infertility shirt in there: "Keep Calm and Pineapple On."

Chase and I have been so blessed to be able to share our infertility journey with you. While at times, it has not been easy I have felt so strongly to share our story. I felt that those already battling infertility needed somewhere they could turn to and read about others struggles, and that is what this year has been. A year of sharing our heartache, so that others may be lifted and blessed.

Thank you all for sharing in our journey!

 Don't forget "Keep Calm and Pineapple On" shirt is on sale for $17 with free shipping all through December.

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Things that are Hiking in Utah: Squak Peak

Friday, December 2

The day after getting our negative beta I felt so alone in our house. We had kept it a secret from everyone and honestly wanted it to be kept private until we had grieved.

I hadn't been able to be active for over a month and it was literally driving me nuts. Since I've always been so active it was hard for me to not do anything for that period of time. I told Chase I wanted to do something with him and not sit around all day. So I mentioned a hike - since it was just a little too hot to go out running. I had seen a friends' Instagram post on hiking squaw peak and how she had done it in just a few hours. I started looking up the way on how to hike up there and which way would be the fastest. I convinced Chase to hike it with me.

I found it was about 7 miles round trip. I thought that would be a fun "little" hike. We packed a few water bottles and some snacks and headed out.

There are a few ways of getting to the actual part where you hike to Squaw Peak Summit. You can drive to Squaw Peak campground and hike to the fork in the trail. Or you can drive to Rock Canyon and hike to the same fork in the trail. Either way will get you up to Squaw Peak Summit. Hiking from the campground adds on a few extra miles. So we opted for the Rock Canyon route.

The trail starts out as a paved path, but then gradually turns to a rocky, gravel path (hence the name of the canyon). The first two miles I wasn't feeling the greatest. I felt weak and lightheaded. Having not exercised heavily for a few months really cause my body to overheat. I also felt like I was over doing it. Eating some snacks and resting for the first couple of miles helped. We also tried to get my temperature down, cause it felt like I wasn't sweating. Which wasn't good - we used these cooling towels that we got from the Dopey Challenge in Florida, and they seemed to work.

We reached the fork in the trail and then Chase said we would reach a part of the trail where it was 1 mile uphill. We walked about a half mile, and then it was all uphill. It was seriously hard - I don't think I've hiked that steep before. We reached a field area and thought we were almost there, unfortunately that was not the case.

Cute little caterpillar
We hiked another mile and we found a geocache and got a cool monster truck toy from it. We always try and find geocaches while we travel, and it's always something to look forward to.

We finally made it to the top. I touched the flag pole just to prove that I hiked to the top of that tough mountain.
Beautiful Timpanogos
Backside of Rock Canyon

We got a great panoramic shot of Utah Valley a lot higher than hiking the "Y."

The return trip was steep down. It went a lot faster down as opposed to up. On the steep part down my it-bands and inner knees were burning. Once we reached the fork in the path, they didn't hurt as bad (as the incline wasn't as steep).

It was so nice to accomplish something so hard after hearing such bad news the previous day.
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Things that are a 60-Day Devotional

Tuesday, November 29

My friend Caroline over at In Due Time, has been blogging since 2012. Her and her husband are patiently waiting for a miracle since shortly after they were married in 2011. She has been a shining light and example to me as I have gone through my own infertility journey. I have followed her along on Instagram as she stays positive and leans on God in her ups and downs of her own infertility trial.
She's been in the process for several months writing a devotional book called:

"In Due Time, Hope and Encouragement In the Waiting." 

Here are some quotes from her 60-day devotional:

She always has great deals going on and you can get your own copy HERE.

I hope this devotional can help you be encouraged through your time of waiting.
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Things that are Infertility Burdens Can Be Made Light

Thursday, November 3

Melissa over at Triumphs and Trials asked me to write up a post for her blog. I of course said yes, and had the chance to meet her last Saturday at our first Infertility Conference here in Utah. In the post I'm talking about how my infertility burdens have been made light and share my experience that helped me bring in light instead of darkness.

I would love for you to head over to her blog to read all about it. Thanks Melissa for letting me be a part of your blog!

Things that are The Bigger Picture

Friday, October 28

The other day while I was driving with Chase I started thinking about the bigger picture. That this whole earth experience is one long waiting game. From the moment we are born we wait to die. I believe that there was a before we came to earth and there is an after once we die. So this short term waiting game for Chase and I to start a family is insignificant compared to the whole experience on earth. I think that the ultimate test of this life is patience.

If you think about it in shorter terms we waited to grow up to get our drivers license, we waited to turn 18, we waited to find the right person to be with, we waited to get married, we waited to buy a house, etc... We all have a choice with how we wait for things to happen in our lives.

For me these past few months I have been tested and tried through patience. I thought I had patience, but my patience was tested even more than I felt that I could bear. We've waited and are continuing to wait to bring children into this world. Chase told me in a text one day: "Do you realize that you are given trials of patience every day? Praying about it doesn't make it come. You just don't pay attention to it until you pray about it."

A great video on being patient

So with all that patience we experience on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis we need to be proactive. We can't sit back and expect things to change if we aren't willing to work for them.

I remember the parable that Jesus talks about in the New Testament. The one about the talents in Matthew 25. If you remember, a master gave 3 of his servants talents (money). One servant received 5, another received 2 and the last servant received 1 talents. What did they do with the talents? The servant who had 5, worked hard and gained 5 more; the servant who got 2, worked hard and gained 4 more; but the servant who received 1 talent hid his and did not gain any more. The master came back and told the two that had gained talents that they were faithful servants and since they were faithful over a few things he would make them ruler over many things. For the servant that hid his talent (because he was afraid) the master called him a slothful (lazy) servant and took his talent from him.

With that servant who buried his talents, he wasn't being proactive while waiting for his master's return. That servant was scared and didn't work to try and double his talents. What I learned while reading this parable is that we can't just sit back and do nothing while we are given the chance (talents) to be patient. While we are in the midst of being patient we need to be productive. I have a few friends who have felt that need to wait for a miracle, but they aren't just sitting around doing nothing. They are staying positive, being proactive with building their relationships with their spouse, trying to stay fit and healthy, and drawing closer to God by studying the scriptures and attending church meetings.

Mine and Chase's way to be productive in our time of waiting is getting out of debt, strengthening our relationship and focusing on serving others - because that ultimately is what will make us happy.

What are you doing in your time of waiting?
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Things that are an Ilitibial Band Syndrome Injury

Tuesday, October 11

I'm not sure when exactly I got iliotibal band syndrome (it band syndrome). I think it was after the Cedar City Half Marathon that was all downhill in September of 2013. It was after that race that I started noticing problems each time I would run anything over 6 miles. It was really painful and really annoying. It has been an ongoing problem for several years now and it was up until March of 2014 before I decided I needed to get the problem fixed.

Going back to the regular doctor wouldn't help much, they tend to try and put a band aid on things. Instead of fixing the problem - they would tell me to not run. Though I love physical therapy I had a feeling it wouldn't help, because I needed something more than what they offer to fix.

I felt like my last resort was to go to my chiropractor who deals with sports injuries. I've been seeing him since I was 16. I trust him with my care and he's always done a great job at that. He should always be my first resort rather than my last. In this instance he was my last, I have since then learned and now go to him first.

The first thing he told me when helping fix my IT band syndrome was to NOT run. He told me to take a break from running for 4-6 weeks. I didn't run for about 7 weeks, which completely took away my fitness level for running anything over a mile. It also happened to take away my shin splints that I had been dealing on and off with.

Here are some things he had me do:

-Roll out on a foam roller every. single. day.
-Bridges - including 1 legged bridges and marching bridges. With the focus being on strengthening the inside of the thigh (pushing my big toe down).
-Strengthening the ankles and glutes
-Sumo squats while using a broom
-reverse lunges
-stretches: pigeon stretch, thread the needle

At every appointment (every other week) he had me hooked up to electrical acupuncture. I would also work on the exercises he gave me and it helped him see where I was lacking and a lot of times would modify movements or have me increase my reps.

I asked what shoes I should buy, and he suggested getting Altras. He wears them, and they are supposed to help you run with a slight pronation. I could tell I was running with more supination because all my shoes showed the lateral side of the shoe more worn down then the inside.

Once he felt I was starting to heal, I was given the clear to begin running slowly. I basically had to retrain my body how to run correctly. I did that by running with my little toes up while trying to keep my big toe to the ground. It forced more pronation because running on the outside of your feet is what is thought to cause it band syndrome. There are other things that can play a role in it band syndrome, but this way taught me correct form.

Since 2014 I have gone into his office for maintenance and he has helped me run more injury free. I ran 2 marathons while seeing him and felt great after both of them. It has really made a difference. I think everyone should have a chiropractor like mine.

Here are a few articles that I have found helpful with stretches:

Elevate: Hip Control For Runners with IT-Band Friction Syndrome

Best Post Run Stretches for IT Band and Hips

**Disclaimer** I'm not a medical professional and in no way believe that what will work for me will work for you. So please seek medical advice for any questions.
Don't forget I've got shirts in the shop. I thought they would be perfect for women going into fertility treatments or ultrasound appointments.

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Things that are Challenges are Challenges

Friday, October 7

I find it interesting how each and every one of us has different challenges. No two challenges are the same. God has given us the opportunity to have our own unique challenges.

Yes infertility is a challenge, but since each of us are different we are all unique in what challenges we face ahead or have faced. Some have endometriosis and male factor infertility, while others have polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). The variations for each couples infertility are endless. Each of us are so different and our make up is different. No two people are the same, if you can believe it.

How we overcome these challenges can sometimes be daunting. You feel so incapable of being able to bear the challenge placed in front of you. All growing up I was taught and told that "God will not give us more then we can handle" do I really believe that? Yes. Should you believe that? Of course!

We may feel like we can't handle what we've been given. We may feel as though our world around us is crashing down. We may feel we are inadequate. BUT we can handle it, our world is not crashing down, and we are adequate.

Take Job from the bible for an example. He had so many bad things happen to him and his loved ones. Yet he kept his cool (at least that's what I take from the Bible) and moved forward with life staying true to God. He stayed positive while his world crashed around him. Could life be any worse? Could life bring on more challenges? Of course it could. But with examples from the scriptures we can gain strength to know we aren't alone in our struggles.

I gave a talk in our sacrament meeting in church a few months ago and tried to impress upon the minds of those in the room the image of Christ's suffering for our sins, pains and afflictions. I mentioned that he bled from every pore - look closely in the mirror the next time. Look real close. See all those pores on your face? Or see all the hair on your body? Each hair is a pore. Yep, he bled from every single pore. Kind of gruesome, right? But it shows what challenge He went through for us so we be saved. He loved us THAT much.

Yes God will give us challenges, and He lets things happen to us. It is for our learning and understanding. I learned recently that Faith cannot do two things. It cannot violate another persons agency. God will not force us to follow Him - but He will do everything in His power (through us sometimes) to invite, persuade, be persistent, to get us to come back to Him. And faith cannot force our will upon God. We can’t force God to giving us what we truly want and desire.

Challenges help teach us, to strengthen us and to help us grow closer to Him. With our challenges we have faith from the Savior that all will be made right. If all our faith is depleted, then we must still have hope. I know at times we feel that we can’t even hope that all will be made right. I know that getting down on our knees to pray even when we don’t feel like praying will help give us that hope again. I have felt that glimmer of hope when I thought all was crashing down beside me. Yes, it may only be a glimmer, but it has helped me get my faith back where I can start being a light and a beacon for others to follow.

If you are going through a challenge and you feel like you can’t see beyond all the darkness that surrounds you, just remember to kneel down and pray. There is one person who does not want us to succeed and that is Satan. I always remember this meme of Ashton Kutcher:

Remember we are on the winning side and that all will be made right once again.
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Things that are Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month

Tuesday, October 4

There's a popular quote by Ronald Regan that says "When a child loses his parent, they are called an orphan. When a spouse loses her or his partner, they are called a widow or widower. When parents lose their child, there isn't a word to describe them. This month recognizes the loss so many parents experience across the United States and around the world. It is also meant to inform and provide resources for parents who have lost children due to miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, molar pregnancy, stillbirths, birth defects, SIDS, and other causes."

This month recognizes those parents who have lost a pregnancy and/or infant loss. I can tell you what... Having had 2 failed IVF cycles I learned that miscarriage is far more common than what most people think. I had several friends and family tell me after I announced both of our losses telling me that they have also had miscarriages. Most don't say anything and it is kept private. Most grieve without wanting others to see them cry at a loss. 


It is not fair that any of us has to go through losing a child whether it is at the very beginning, middle, or end of a pregnancy. It is not fair that any of us have lost a child due to birth defects or SIDS or any other reason not mentioned in Regan's quote. It is not fair that both parents are left to grieve while the world moves on around them.

It seemed fitting for me to post the poem called "Dads hurt too." There seems to be this stigma that only women are hurting when there is a loss of a child. That is 100% not the case. Yes, the woman is the one who carries the child, but it took two to create life. We need to remember those wonderful men who still hurt or who are hurting over the loss of a child.

Lauren over at I AM FRUITFUL reminded and encouraged me to remember that every baby's life has value and that God will give back what was taken from me. If not in this life than the next. I want to remember those babies that I held on to even if it was for just a moment. I want to remember my friend who lost her baby in the third trimester. I want to remember my parents and Chase's parents who have also suffered miscarriages. I want to remember that life, whether that is short or long, is to be cherished and never forgotten.
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Things that are Disneyland Half Marathon Race Recap

Friday, September 23

It was the Saturday before the half marathon, and I got a text from my friend that lives in Vegas asking if I wanted to come run the race with them. Chase said I should go and that it would be fun to get my mind off of our failed ivf cycle. So I told her yes, and made arrangements to get a ride down to Vegas with another friend who was running the Dumbo Double Dare Challenge (10k & Half Marathon).

The Thursday before the race I traveled with friends down to Vegas. The following day Celise and I drove to California and went straight to the expo to get our packets. We both got our wristbands so we could get our Coast to Coast medal at the end of the half marathon.

Walking into the expo

Walking the expo I met up with Kelly who is a founder of Sparkle Athletic. I've been following her for some time and she was a doll to talk to.

We spent the rest of the day relaxing and then tried to go to bed early so Celise could get enough sleep to run the 10k. I told them I was going to meet up with them at the end of the race and get some pictures.

Celise sent me a tracker and I was able to watch them, I took my time getting to Downtown Disney where they were running through. I happened to check Facebook while I was waiting for them and this popped up:

I teared up. That was the sweetest thing anyone had done for me, and after all that Chase and I had been through to have them both wear the Running with Infertility shirts from our Virtual Race that we put together and have them dedicate the 10k race to me, just made the whole trip.

The following day we had a 3:30am wake up call, got to our shuttle to take us to the park and we walked through Downtown Disney to the family reunion area. Celise and Shelly were in a corral ahead of me, even though I tried hard to let the volunteers let me into their corral. It didn't make it any easier when I saw several other runners who should have been in later corrals be in the corral in front of me. We were all really upset at that. But we planned on where I would meet up with them before we parted ways.

I was on the front line of my corral. I've never been a starter for a corral, and it actually gave me butterflies. 

 Mickey and Pluto cheering us on!

I also saw the Balloon Ladies! They're REAL guys! Not fake! Not rumored!

Stopped for a brief photo op

I ran about half a mile and caught up to my pals. We made sure to hit up all of the characters in the park, knowing that after only 4 miles in the park would be running on the streets of Anaheim.

We saw Shelly's husband who paid to be part of the "chEAR squad" which allowed him and several others into California Adventure. Disney would not let the general public who came to cheer us on into the parks. Which was a bummer!
 Tower of Terror - probably the last time I'll see this ride...

 Always a hand stand!

Storm Troopers

 Disney Half Marathon Sign

 Aurora and Prince Phillip

Other side of the castle. I like Disney World's castle better. 

After we ran the 4 miles in the parks we were on the streets of Anaheim. Which ended up feeling like a typical half marathon race. I was hoping that there would be music playing throughout the run, which didn't happen.

One of the best motivational signs I've seen.

At mile 6-7 both of my IT bands started freaking out and I was in a ton of pain. Thankfully the aid stations had biofreeze and I rubbed my legs out. It would help for a few miles and then they would seize up again and would apply more at the next aid station. With those tough miles and not having music I really tried focusing on being in that mile that I was in, and that really helped me enjoy it even though I was in pain.

We ran through Angel's stadium around mile 9. There was a huge crowd there with lots of youth - boy scouts/girl scouts cheering us on. That was pretty fun.

I was bummed that we didn't run through Downtown Disney to finish the race. But hey I finished having not trained for this half marathon.
 I was SO glad to be done! You can see it in the back.

 All finished! It went by quicker than I had expected.

 My two medals! 

All 3 of us (sad that Dan didn't participate) with our medals

After the race on our way back to the shuttle we had to get bag checked for the 2nd time. Disney has a bag check before you buy tickets to the park. We were not planning on going into the parks we were just on our way through to the shuttle. Disney did not have a "no bag" line, or a "runner only" line so we waited for 40 minutes to get our clear bags checked to walk to our shuttle to get back to our hotel.

We finished the 13.43 mile run in 3:03:37. Which is better than our last half that we did in Florida.

Pros: Lots of aid stations/water stations, Felt like I could really run a lot (sea level), Volunteers were always smiling and helpful, Full water bottles and Powerade at the finish, I got to be in corral D.

Cons: The fact that we only got to run 4 miles in the park, I hadn't trained for the half so I was SO much slower than Shelly and Celise, They gave us the same food pack that we got in January, There didn't seem to be very many photopass photographers, They only had coffee gu left - eww (salted caramel).
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