Things that are not quite a random Monday March 23 edition

Monday, March 23

So this past week was kind of crazy! and unfortunately this week will be even crazier! I've been told that I will need to go into work on Saturday (due to it being the end of the month, and end of year, and end of quarter). Not really looking forward to working a Saturday. I haven't had to do that for a long time.

So last year sometime, I listened to the audiobook "The Phantom Tollbooth." I remember watching the movie when I was younger and it scared me. I have a few other movies that gave me the creeps when I was younger, Return to Oz, and Tremors (of all the movies I've watched this one gave me nightmares for a year! No joke!) are the only ones that I can distinctly remember. So anyways The Phantom Tollbooth is better a book than a movie! While I was listening, I can't remember exactly who said it, I heard this and HAD to write it down! It was something that I needed at the time, and knew I would benefit from it later.

I love it and it's now one of my favorite quotes!

I got approval to run again, and went out on a really short run (I was told I needed to take it slow and progress slowly when I do go out and run)! 1.8 miles! I told myself that I wanted to run the whole thing - which I did. It was a little chilly for me, but I was SO happy to be able to run the whole thing without stopping. I was surprised by how quickly I went and that I did not run as slow as I thought I would.

That's not really that random right?!

Off to bed for me!!

How was your weekend?!
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Things that are Random Monday March 16th edition

Monday, March 16

Some randoms from this past week:

So I decided it was in my best interest to take a break from running... So I decided to step up my game and follow Cassie Ho's monthly Popsters challenge.  So I get all the way to Wednesday, and see this! 100 Burpee Burnout! Say what!? I HATE burpee's! I think everyone I know hates burpees! and I have to do a FULL 100 of them!? I wanted to DIE! Long story short - I didn't die and for all the videos I did that day, I think I did well over 100 burpees! Oh and I saved this video for LAST! Cause I was SERIOUSLY dreading it!

So I get to Saturday doing her workout videos on YouTube and I end up doing more than what she asks for - because I skipped Thursday and since Thursday is arms and back I REALLY wanted to work those areas out! Anyways... All the workouts combined resulted in what I thought was a groin injury. So I was a little sore all weekend. So I go in for my Chiropractic appointment on Monday and he tells me it's not my groin, its my back.
He told me I can't lift anything for a week, and I can only sit for 15 minutes and then must take a break and get up and walk around. I asked if I could cycle - and he says no, and even told me that I couldn't run (go figure). That left me with swimming or just resting for the week. Yes it sets me back a few weeks for marathon training but I should get enough running in to not die for it. I just need to start injury free and continue being injury free.

He also taped me so that was an addition for needing a rest week. So last week at work was filled with sitting and standing and not lifting. It was a really hard week there.

Tuesday when I was trying to somehow put my shoes on before work. Chase thought it would be fun to put Hurley's ears back. It was really funny.

As you can tell, he looks extra goofy!

These were my motivational quotes I saw this past week on Instagram:

 This one made me smile. Because I don't have to run, but I love to run because it makes me happy and healthy.

Then after it being a crazy week of having back pain, and feeling like I had a million things on my plate I saw this, and realized that I need to be happy even though I'm in pain.

I finally got around to decorating part of my bedroom. This wall definitely needed some extra love. I'm happy with it for now. It may change shortly. :)

I also got my small (yes VERY small) supply of Girl Scout cookies! I have been savoring them this whole week (and still have lots left). Random fact for Random Monday.. I was a Girl Scout, in a home school Girl Scout troop. It was a lot of fun and I made a lot of friends.

And last but not least...

I joined the lucky sock exchange that Chelsea over at Starbucks, Peace, and the Pursuit of a Baby started. She has done them before. The last one she did was a mug exchange, and this time it's a lucky sock exchange! I'm excited and I've already been matched with an amazing girl! I feel like it's a Pen Pal - you know like what you had back in the day before technology (iPhones, and laptops, and heaven forbid - before the internet)?  Am I really the only one who ever did that? I thought it was a lot of fun. Anyways... I failed to tell you about it before the sign-ups ended.

So instead I will keep you posted on what all happens with it, and show what I get and what I sent to the girl I'm in an exchange with later. We will be sending them out no later than April 2nd.

What were some randoms for you this past week?
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Things that are dealing with Male Factor Infertility

Thursday, March 5

Hi there! I'm gonna get a little personal with you today...

So in our beginning journey of trying to start a family we went for a few years without really knowing what was wrong with us. And in all honesty we didn't know where to start or really want to pay any extra money out of pocket to go see a doctor. I read another friends blog that said that she and her husband were having a few issues, and they bought a ovulation predictor kit (I had no idea they had those) so I bought one too. A few months later, and knowing that I was ovulating, we still weren't getting pregnant. After a few months a friend asked me if we had seen the doctor to see what was wrong, obviously, not. So we finally went to see the doctor and come to find out that Chase is the one that has the problem. NBD, right? Well it kinda makes it impossible for us to get pregnant on our own without the help from a doctor. The doctor really didn't say how bad it was, he just said it was bad.
Empty Wombs

In fall of 2011 we did 3 rounds of IUI's back-to-back, within 3 months (well 2 months really - since that's how my cycle seemed to roll out). We paid $300 for each one we did. We didn't have any success, and our doctor had told us he wanted us to do 6 IUI's before we used medication (clomid, or femera). That would have been $1,800 out of pocket, for nothing. I felt like the doctor didn't know what was going on, and he didn't. He wasn't a specialist, and didn't refer us to one either. I felt like we didn't really know what the whole picture was.

So after a few years (2013), we got referred to Reproductive Care Center by a friend. RCC was great, they did all sorts of test, and I felt like we didn't have to pay for a lot of stuff out of pocket. But after we got another SA which included the Kruger test (which tests for sperm morphology), they said that Chase's sperm were moving forward, but in circles. So they suggested our best success would be doing In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). Which happens to be the MOST expensive treatment option. They were giving us numbers between $10,000-$20,000 for one round of IVF, which included the medicine needed.

Chase's SA from RCC was:
  • Volume: 6ml (which is normal)
  • Total Sperm Count: 24 M (normal is > 39)
  • Motility: 58% (normal is > 40%)

This is the normal value scale that all results should be based on, and it's what I have based the results from all the tests he's had done. 

We are now in a male factor clinical trial, and they have been giving us SA's every two months for up to 6 months - which is great! Those usually are around $50-$150 depending on where you get them from and if your insurance covers it.

His initial SA October (2014) when we started:
  • Volume: 5.6ml
  • Sperm Count: 6.6 M/ml  (normal > 15)
  • Total Sperm Count: 37.2 M 
  • Motility: 54%
  • Total Progressive Motile Sperm: 15.7 M (normal >12.5)
In December he got another one:
  • Volume: 3.2ml
  • Sperm Count: 8.0 M/ml  
  • Total Sperm Count: 25.4 M 
  • Motility: 66%
  • Total Progressive Motile Sperm: 7.9 M 
They had mentioned that in this sample taken that is consistent with a varicocele, testicular dysfunction, or an endocrine imbalance.

I didn't know of the problems - and no RE or regular doctor mentioned the varicocele, and only at the fertility seminar that we had gone to last month did Chase mention that he may have it, to me.

A vericocele is basically a vericose vein in the scrotum.  And from what the symptoms are (pain in the scrotum, gradually worsen over the course of the day, relief when lying down), Chase has several of them. He's got pain, but I'm sure he didn't know what the cause was before we went to the seminar.

We were told that he may need surgery and that this is an out patient procedure. Very quick, he could be back to work within 1-2 days (since he sits at his job all day). I'm not quite sure what the whole surgery entails, but I do know that there is great success with this. Because of how long it takes for the sperm to mature (2-3 months), it could take a while for there to be enough sperm to make a difference. But if there's any problems with me and we have to do an IUI then the surgery probably won't be worth it. 

With that being said, he just did another SA at the beginning of February and this is what the results were:
  • Volume: 3.6ml (normal)
  • Sperm Count: 21.1 M/ml (normal > 15)
  • Total Sperm Count: 75.8 M (normal > 39)
  • Motility: 59% (not the best but still in his average)
  • Total Progressive Motile Sperm: 34.5 M (normal > 12.5)
Say what!? Everything is normal?! All I have to say is how can that be!? After 6 years of trying and one result says that he's normal and everything is fine, seems really skeptical to me. I want to believe it with every bone in my body. So I'm not sure what to think at the moment...

So now we're going to wait until after the trial is over, and go see a different reproductive endocrinologist (RE), get some tests done and see how much it's going to cost to get pregnant! 

Other thoughts:

As I was looking at infertility blogs the other day I found a gal and her husband who has had vericocele surgery. They just had it done in December, so I am waiting to hear the results from her! I hope it's what they needed in order to get pregnant!

On Sunday I gave a lesson in Relief Society. It was on how the atonement can help us with our trials, help us to forgive ourselves and that it can help us be kind. I shared this quote with the ladies because everyone has battles. This is our battle, and I have seen how the atonement can help me through this. I have little battles all the time, but this is the one big one in my life right at the moment.

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