Things that are 2015 Winter Series 15k Race Recap

Saturday, February 28

This will probably be my last race for a few months, and I will not be running for the next 2-4 weeks per Chiropractor. Lovely iliotibial band syndrome (ITBS) ugh... If you can't tell I'm really frustrated with my body. I want to run, but I need to take better care of it. I've been really really stupid and haven't been training correctly or even doing enough strength training/cross training. Don't be mad at me (cause I am already mad at myself)

I went to my Chiropractor on Monday (2/23). He gave me a few more stretches to do to help with my tight hips (and yes tight hips do have something to do with ITBS). He also told me to do all of the exercises/stretches that I was doing with my last ITBS on my right leg last year. Electrical acupuncture helps with getting all the bad stuff out of my muscles. I am amazed at how well this stuff works.

Winter Series 15k Recap

I happened to win this race on Facebook through Utah Running Guide back in January. I have entered in several drawings before but have never been chosen. So it was fun to actually win a race for a change.

I got an email from the Race Series on Thursday and they had mentioned that if you are going to be slower than 2 hours then you need to start at 9am instead of 10am. Because of the pain I've been having I felt that I needed to start at 9. I found a pace calculator online so I could see how fast I needed to be, I knew that I could be slower than that, and didn't want to chance it.

Race Day:

I tried a honey stinger for the first time (yes I know not to try anything new on race day - but I knew my stomach could handle it) and got some sport beans watermelon flavor. They were pretty good - I had a few sport beans before when I ran the St. George Half Marathon last month, and a friend had given me some because I couldn't open up my pack of Cliff Chews. 

 It was about 26 degrees when we started at 9am. I was SUPER cold!
 Starter Selfie

 Chase got a cool panoramic pic. He is such a trooper and will wait 2+ hours for me to run a race. While he waited he got school work done, so it worked out for him.

 It was nice out and it was pretty cool to be next to the Salt Flats. Some how just after half way my Nike+ watch decided it couldn't find the GPS - Really weird.
 While I was walking I decided to take a picture of myself. I look like I have something in my mouth  but I don't.

I was at about mile 6-7 when the 1st place runner passed me. He was going so fast that I couldn't get my phone out fast enough to take a picture of him. He's that little person that I circled in the above photo. I counted at least 10+ guys until I saw the first female runner. I'm still amazed at how much faster guys can run than girls.

Chase got a few action shots of me, and I'm glad he took them. I was able to look at my form, and I can clearly see that I am supinating while I run - and that is something that I need to correct to help with my ITBS. I will talk about that in a different post.

Overall: It was a nice flat course with minor hills (like if at all). So it would be one that you would be able to PR on. There were not a ton of people (281 total who ran). I ended up coming in at 2:11, which made my pace 14:05 per mile. Definitely not my best, but I was not even trying to push it.

Pros: Flat race course; Not a ton of people to compete with (only 16 in my age group); Good fruit/bread w/ honey, and coffee/hot chocolate at the finish.

Cons: Since I didn't run the entire series and just ran the 15k, I didn't get a medal (not that big of a deal, but I like swag); I didn't know what the course was until race day; There wasn't a way for runners/spectators to be able to cheer their runner/running friends on at the finish line; I also didn't know what my time was when I finished, Chase had to tell me.

Would I do this race again next year? Maybe, I may consider running the entire series.

Did you run a race this weekend?
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Things that were an Infertility Seminar @ Utah Fertility Center and a Saturday Run

Sunday, February 15

Chase got an email from a friend about an upcoming seminar from Utah Fertility Center. Chase thought it would be a good idea for us to go, and I am SO SO SO glad we went.

I have been feeling like the fertility clinic that we have been going to didn't really seem like they cared about us. For instance, it took over a month to get my test results reviewed by the doctor. They also didn't help us with a plan to start infertility treatment and how much that said plan would cost. Well, what would be the best result for us? I really wanted a break down of what they would like to do to help us and what would work best for us personally.

At the Seminar, Utah Fertility Center had two speakers the first is a Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE), and the second is a Reproductive Urologist (his focus is on male infertility - I'm pretty sure most Urologists are focused on that).

Some new things that I learned from the RE:

-I found out that infertility has only been listed as a "disease" for about 5 years by the World Health Organization (WHO). It surprised me that its only been 5 years.

-Stress doesn't cause infertility - did you hear that?! Stress doesn't cause infertility! That is a big FAT myth that stress causes infertility!

-For an IUI they take a sample of the most moveable and viable sperm and inject that into the uterus.

-A normal couple has a 20%/month (85%/year) chance of getting pregnant
 Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) 20%/month
 In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) 46%/month
 Utah's IVF Average for a live birth is 61%/month

They also said to be sure to write to your local legislation to mandate insurance to cover the cost of infertility. They said in Utah, for everyone to have infertility on their plan it would only raise it up about $2.50 (or close to).

Some things I learned from the Reproductive Urologist:

-Male factor is more expensive.

-Underwear doesn't matter, and having a laptop on your lap doesn't matter.

-Having a healthy lifestyle = higher sperm count.

-It takes 72 days for the sperm to recover after a man has been in a hot tub/sauna.

-The doctor said that Spermatogensis takes 64 days to complete.

- Men produce 100,000 sperm a second (when the doctor said that all the girls in the room looked at their husbands crotch, which we thought was pretty funny).
So now we will go in and see them (Chase will see the Urologist and I will see the RE) and hopefully they can help us put a plan into action (and hopefully not the most expensive plan). 

While we were at the seminar and talking to one of the ladies that works in the front office. She was saying that we can't put our lives on hold for infertility. We need to live, we need to go on trips and enjoy ourselves, because Chase and I are a family. Yes, kids make it more of a family feeling, but I was happy that she told us that we are a family. That kind of reminded me of a post that I put on our personal blog a few years ago, titled: Pregnant or not life will move forward.

As a side note... I was talking to a infertile friend and she said they had taken off last year from doing anything fertility related (like Chase and I) and she said she was SO happy. I think the same was felt for us. Life has to move forward, we can't put everything on hold, because the world will change while we still wait in our sorrow.

I really enjoyed it and hope that if you are able to go to one of these do!

Yesterday I went on a run... Chase went to a boot camp class and I headed for the trails.

It was such a gorgeous day! The only downside to my day was my body failing me... The problem I had from the St. George Half is back! I only got 1.7 into the run when it started hurting, so I immediately turned around and headed back to my car. I thought running on a trail would help it not hurt so much because it's a dirt trail, turns out the up and downs from the trail itself is what caused it to start hurting again in the first place. So I'm just going to run on flat surfaces for a while. (yep, I got bit by something [or it's a zit?] right below my eye, and I can't get it to go away)

I really enjoyed the view. I also found this awesome website that lists all sorts of trails and how steep they are, etc. I will definitely be using that website more to go on more trail runs this year. 
You can check it out: Here

Since yesterday was Valentine's Day, Chase and I went and got some Froyo! It was so yummy!

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Things that are "what did I just get myself into?!"

Friday, February 13

Yup! I just did it! I signed up for my first FULL marathon! I guess I get to start training for me to run a full marathon, or run 2 half marathons, or run 4-10ks + 2 miles!

I don't ever remember being this scared for a half marathon!


Anyone done this race and have some good pointers for me? 

What training method works best for you?
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Things that are Random Wednesday February 11 edition

Wednesday, February 11

So randoms for this week and some of last week...

I worked an average of 9.5 hours a day all last week! There were lots and lots of orders to get out, and overall I was exhausted by Friday and wanted to just go to bed. I felt it was best if I actually saw and talked to my husband, so I stayed up to talk with him. I know 9.5 hours every day isn't a lot - but when he's doing schoolwork when I get home from work, it doesn't really allow us time to talk, and spend with one another.

I also had a Relief Society activity that I got to help out on Thursday night, which was a lot of fun, but really exhausting. The activity was about Resolutions and had 6 classes you could attend relating to different topics (spiritual, fitness/eating healthy, finances, family history, family relationships, and cooking). I went to the fitness class (cause one of my friends was teaching it- she's more athletic than I am and I know I can learn more from her), I learned how to make green smoothies, and a few others (when I perfect mine I will definitely share the recipe). I also went to the family history, and family relationships class. Those were good and it's what I needed to hear.

Monday I went to my chiropractor and he did an herbal rub (has inflammatory herbs in a mix) and electrical acupuncture on my left IT band and back of my calf that has been giving me trouble...

This has been helping a lot and now I just need a new pair of shoes

Last night we went to a seminar about infertility it was great and I will talk about it more later, but we got this really cool pen from there, that I had to have! 

Other randomness - I'm doing this weight loss challenge at work and decided I could use a better butt in the process + will help with running... Thanks Blogilates! I have done several other workouts from her and they are fun.

This quote that I found on my instagram feed has been on my mind with infertility this past week. Totally relates to infertility as well as exercise and staying fit and healthy.

Happy Hump day! I'm off to work and then to boot camp!
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Things that are Rotary Club of Sugar House Chili Open Run Race Recap

Monday, February 2

Yesterday, I ran the Rotary club of Sugar House chili open run. 

So let me back up a few days... or two weeks... I ran a half marathon 2 weeks ago, I did something to my knee/IT band, and I thought doing more strength training and stretching it out would help before this race. A few days ago I did a short 1.2 mile run and the stair climber for 15 minutes. The next day I was going to go out and run 3 miles so I could be ready for Saturday. I made it 1.5 miles with no pain, and then the pain hit. I couldn't run and I could only walk. Luckily I was only a mile from my house so I decided to just walk home. I was really worried about running yesterday, so Friday night I laid on the foam roller trying to get out all the sore spots in my leg. I felt a lot better Saturday morning, but was still really worried about running. I told myself that I could at least walk the 3.1 miles. I massaged my leg and rubbed some Tiger Balm all over the sore spots.

Here's some pictures from yesterday:

In the car by myself... Hate being alone on race day, but it had to happen! :(

I felt like I needed to wear my gloves from the haunted half - that was a nice race to supply you with gloves. It was nice to have them on but by mile 1 my hands were already nice and warm - like almost hot, and I hate that. I usually put my race bib on my leg.

It was nice and sunny and I was sporting my Asics Gel-Neo's. It was nice to run in a different pair of shoes. I usually sport my altras on race day, but I knew the course would be hilly = flaming hot calves.

I found some pictures on I Run Utah's Facebook page... you can see me just walking. As I did most of the race - at least the going up the hills. 

 Yup still walking while everyone else was running, and tried to stay warm - though I think I overdressed for the run. It was in the mid 30's-40's and definitely warm for a tech shirt, and capris, and I had on a sweat shirt AND a hoodie, and gloves and a beanie.

Since I didn't have a support "team" to take that fun "I finished strong" photo, I had a cute lady take a picture of me at the finish line!

Overall I think it was a fun small race. But... I hate hills, and you had to run up 4-5 of them (if you count the small one at the end) - but that means you get to run the downhills... I finished the race in 39:57. Definitely not my best time - but I was not trying to go for a time (knowing that this race has hills...). I'm just grateful I finished without getting more injured.

Pros: Small race, got a bowl full of chili and hot chocolate at the end (thanks to the Rotary club), donuts from Dunkin' donuts (um... they are pretty darn good).

Cons: Hills (have I said that enough to convince you how much I hate them?), no bananas (but it was a really small race).
At the end of the race all race participants got a bowl full of chili, and drinks. They also had some of the organizations that they are donating to there. They had items you could make an offer on. I really liked this putting area. You pay $5 for 5 balls and if you get a certain amount in then you get something for it, whether it was a free ball, or lunch for 2.

Question: What races did you run this weekend? Or if you didn't run a race - what workout did you do this weekend?
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