Things to not post on social media and my short run

Saturday, November 22

I've been thinking about all the down and depressing things about infertility lately.. That "my life sucks" kinda feeling.

One of the depressing things is seeing baby pictures on Facebook, and Instagram, Pinterest, and even some of my favorite blogs too.

I see those a lot and I really hate that my friends/family post them. I sometimes wish I could just get off of a social media site and not have to deal with my friends and family posting pictures of their babies.

I mean what did we do before social media? I know that seems like a long long time ago, in fact it kinda was. It was about 2006 when I first found out about Facebook and before that I was on Myspace. Anyways, so before social media, we would get that baby announcement through the snail mail. We would get actual cards and letters through the mail and or we would wait to see pictures when we got back together with families.

Now, it's the norm to see it plastered ALL over the web! People want to show off what they are proud of or they almost seem like they want to feel accepted by their peers. I have also found that people want to show how "happy" they are. I am totally at fault, not really that I want to show how "happy" I am, but that I just love to show off our trips to our friends and family. I'm sure they get jealous of the places we've been. But I get jealous of their life with kids.

I don't think it will ever get better, and I may have to quit some of the social media until I can actually not feel as down and depressed. But at the same time I've found a lot of helpful things - I'm on several infertility support groups, I'm on running groups, etc. So until I quit those support groups I will keep feeling like I can't quit it. 

Enough of my tangent...

Here's my run that I did tonight, it was only 2.09 miles. Ever since I ran the Halloween Half my calves have been in a lot of pain (super super tight) whenever I run. So I just wanted to see if they would still be tight - yep! They were and foam rollers are the best!

I ran with my reflective vest even though I was running on a sidewalk.

Since it was dusk, I ran with my headlight (even though it wasn't on) cause the street lights were on. I was definitely slow! Trying to run with pain or cramps is hard for me to not try and run through. So I opted to walk/run.

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Things that are the DomiNATE race recap

Sunday, November 16

This was my first race after running the Haunted Half back in October. One of my running friends told me about this race. We ran for this guy named Nate who has T3-T4 cancer in his sinuses. He just recently under went another surgery and they were able to save his eye!

There were a LOT of elite athletes there, runners from Sojourner's Running Club, UVU's cross country team, Mountain View cross country, and more that I can't remember. It was incredible! I think there were  about 700+ runners who either ran or donated for Nate. It was such a great experience to run for him.

Me after the race. 

 It was so cold! 

The Candy Bomber was there throwing candy for the kids!

Chase and I were so cold we needed some hot chocolate

I ran the 5k in 31:01, which is the fastest I think I have run a 5k in 2 years! There was even a hill towards the end of the race.

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Things said at a ladies night out - candy jar edition...

Wednesday, November 12

Over the weekend I was at a ladies night out with my mother-in-law in her ward (which happened to be the ward Chase and I were in when we first got married). There was yummy soups and dessert (Can I say BYU Mint Brownies?!). After dinner we all did a craft, the one I did was make these cute holiday candy jars.

There was a girl there who I was talking to, she asked if I had kids (totally fine to ask that - just don't ask "when we're going to have kids"), I told her no, but we have been trying for 5 years. She said that she was sorry, but had a friend who had done this... and then another friend who had this, but then... I don't know.. at that point I was more hurt that she wasn't asking about me, and was just telling me of all these people she knew who had infertility, but who got pregnant on their own. I tried to be nice to her, but deep down I was so hurt by what she had said. When I don't know these girls and what their struggles really are, I have a really hard time hearing their success stories. Mainly because I have heard about the same thing over and over again.

Through the pain I was feeling while I was at the party, I started thinking of my first visiting teaching companion when Chase and I first got married, she is a bit older than me, but suffered/suffers (cause I don't think infertility ever really goes away permanently) from infertility. She is a JOY to be around, she makes everyone smile, and yet she hasn't EVER been able to have kids - they have had to adopt all 4 of their beautiful children. Anyways, I kinda got the feeling that I was put with her for a reason. Though I didn't know it at the time I was her companion and didn't really think about it until I was watching her (Sounds kinda creeper-ish) while at the party. Forward to a few years later when I had another companion in a different ward who became one of my good friends. She suffers from Endometriosis, and had a very hard time conceiving 2 of her children. It's just interesting how I was put with those ladies, and know the pain (and they know mine) that they have gone through to get kids into their family.

For me being a latter-day saint (LDS), a lot of times looking back I see why things were put in our way, or why people were put into our lives at that time. I know that Heavenly Father watches out for us and cares about us, and is trying to help give us strength to overcome our challenges.

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Things that followers would do...

Tuesday, November 11

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Things that are the very first...

Saturday, November 8

So hi! This is my first blog post. If you are reading this, you know this is the beginning of hopefully a very magical and very inspiring journey for me.

My name is Tedi. My husband is Chase. We have 2 dogs, Hurley and Pepper. They are like our kids. We don't have any kids (hence the name of the blog "running with infertility"), we treat our dogs like our children - though they don't always listen to us, and always have food on the mind or sniffer?

I wanted to write a blog that was about me. I know that sounded vain after I wrote it out... I wanted to write about 2 things that I am passionate about. Running and Infertility.

I love running and just started it back in 2012 after a friend said she wanted to run a race every month - then I decided to run a race a month for an entire year. I am SLOW! I am not fast at all and am working on trying to get better. But I get injured a lot and need to incorporate strength training and more quality runs into my training.

My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for 5 years this month. The problem is not with me, but with him. I try to be open as possible about it, because I believe people NEED to know how widespread this is coming... It really is crazy how many people I personally know or who I have worked with that struggle with this.

I want this blog to be inspiring for those who are struggling and to know they are not alone in the journey. Because I have felt alone for a long time, and realized (for me anyways), that I needed to share the pain and joys I have, not keep them inside.

Since I also love running I want to post about my race experiences and the things I am doing to try and get better and faster. Hopefully this will keep me accountable.

So here goes my journey! :)

Things that are: About Us

Chase and I met in October of 2006 at a BYU football game. A few months after that we went on our first date ("blind date" because Chase didn't remember meeting me at the BYU game) and went ice skating and got hot chocolate afterwards. We hit it off and were inseparable ever since. We got married in the LDS Timpanogos Temple, July of 2007. We are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or better known as Mormons.
Chase loves all things Iron Man and Transformers. He is definitely a kid at heart! He loves the newest and greatest of technology - he isn't one to go out and buy it all, but he loves learning about it. He doesn't necessarily love running like me, but he supports me in my running, and even has run a few races with me.

I love running. It's my passion. I am passionate about running and about infertility. That's kinda why I created this blog. Running and exercise is my stress relief. I am the type of person that is always on the go. I have to be doing something. I do know how to relax, but it's never the same time Chase wants to relax.

We have 2 dogs - Hurley and Pepper. Hurley is 6 and is named after Hurley from the TV show Lost, he is a Puggle, has TONS of energy and can whisper when he speaks (2 volumes: loud and soft). Pepper is 2 and is named after Pepper Potts from Iron Man, she is a Dutch Shepard mixed with another breed and she's not as big as a German Shepard (and she's got cute little white socks) she loves to try and protect us and gives us hugs.