How to Deal with Menstrual Pain Using Calcium

Tuesday, September 19

I deal with menstrual pain, and I have as far back as I can remember. When I was in high school my periods were heavy and painful. One time I had to get a hold of my dad (who was 2,000 miles away), because I couldn't get a hold of my mom, to excuse me from school due to extreme menstrual pain. I was on the floor crying because the medicine I had taken wasn't working. Shortly after that incident, I was prescribed birth control to help deal with painful, heavy periods.

Menstrual cycles change over the years along with how your body changes.

I have started learning that we women shouldn't believe doctors when they say that painful periods are something that you just need to deal with. I'm sorry to say, but uterine pain during menstruation is not, and should not be called normal. Any pain your body experiences is NOT normal! Think of it this way, you stub your toe or break a bone, that is pain, and obviously that isn't normal, so what makes having pain during your cycle normal either? I don't think doctors prescribing birth control is the solution either.

I have tried a lot of different medicine to prevent menstrual pain/cramps. I finally got fed up with all of the over-the-counter medicine I was taking. A lot of times the medicine wouldn't work.

I started noticing that I would get a stomach ache with any type of pain medication. I started listening to my body and learned it was either what I was eating or the medicine I was taking. I was caught in this dilemma; either I take the medicine to be somewhat cramp free for a few hours and have a stomach ache or not take medicine, have serious cramps and not be sick to my stomach. I would take the latter.

I was talking to my mom one day and she said to try taking calcium. I tried it the next time I had menstrual pain. It couldn't make it hurt worse could it? I mean I was already in pain. Sure enough, it actually took away the pain. But only for about an hour, then it started hurting again. Taking calcium wasn't something where I take one calcium and the pain goes away for the rest of the day, I kept taking it at any sign of pain. I ended up taking about 3-4 throughout the day, and that seemed to be just what I needed.

The dosage was anywhere from 600mg to 1200mg. I just used what I had on hand, and didn't buy from a fancy brand. I have heard from lots of people about the potency of vitamins and minerals varying from brand to brand and I know they aren't regulated by the FDA. I took Calcium Citrate (630 mg), which included Vitamin D3 (500 IU), during my pregnancy to help with muscle cramps. Which was mainly to help with SI Joint pain.

So, is it bad to take a lot of calcium while on your period?

I honestly don't think so. You aren't doing it every day of the month, but for a few days out of the month. I recently read that we should be more concerned with the non natural products (processed foods for example) that we're eating than vitamins and minerals. Yes, we don't want to not get enough or have too much, because health problems can arise with too much or too little.

After having taken it I started wondering what would be the reason why calcium works to take away menstrual pain. I started researching calcium, and found that women's bodies get deprived of nutrients right before your cycle begins. Which is the majority cause of PMS symptoms. I'm not entirely sure how the body gets deprived of those nutrients (prepping the egg for fertilization? or the hormones Estrogen and Progesterone), but it sure happens every month.

Disclaimer: Though I'm not an expert, I have done what works for me. I started listening to my body and started trying natural remedies instead of over-the-counter medications. Listen to your body, do what works best for you and consult a health professional for proper dosing. 



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Fitness Weekly Wrap Up #5

Sunday, September 17

This week was really hard mentally and emotionally. There were quite a few factors that caused it to be hard.

Monday: Went to Barre after 2 months being off. It was so great to be able to do all of the moves, and my arms were sore the next day.

Tuesday: Ran/walked roughly 2 stroller miles. Which were pretty hard miles.

Wednesday: Rest Day

Thursday: I was going to go out for a run, but the weather was hit or miss and I didn't feel like taking Kason out in it so I opted for a home workout instead. This workout worked my thighs, inner thighs, and glutes. I realized that my right glute muscle is weaker than my left.
I did Cassey Ho's Blogilates 9/14/17 Inner Thigh workout series:
Gorgeous Legs // CARDIO BEAT, Tone & Trim Your Inner Thighs Workout, Best Thigh Exercises for Toned Legs!, Quick Burn INNER THIGH Workout, 8 min bikini thighs workout.

Friday: Rest Day - I had plans on doing a little workout series, but the day progressed and I didn't end up doing anything.

Saturday: Ran 2 solo miles which felt great (same route as Tuesday). Lately I have been dreading running, and that bugs me because I really do love running. So I read this article and it helped remind me that I need to build my base back up and I do that by running slowly. Once I have that base, then I can start adding in more speed work.

Sunday: Rest Day!!
What did everyone's workouts look like this week?

Things that are Addicts II Athletes 5k Race Recap 2017

Tuesday, September 12

I ran this race 2 years ago along as I was in the 2 weeks of tapering leading up to running my first marathon. I ran the 10k portion. This year, they did not have a 10k option, only a 5k. I somehow convinced Chase to run it, though he said I asked him if he wanted to come with me, which I guess doesn't mean actually run it. Anyways he still ran... even though he hated it.

The race started at 9:00 am, and was about a 20 minute drive for us.

We got there with a few minutes to spare. They had a moment of silence for all friends/family/loved ones who have lost their battle with addiction. Then let white balloons fly for each person that has lost their battle. I haven't lost anyone due to addiction, but I was thinking of a cousin who has struggled with addiction and prayed that he would stay clean and not fall back.

The race was in Salem, in and around Salem Pond. While running Chase decided that we need to take our boat there next year.

We ran across 2 bridges, and up 4 or 5 hills (I lost count).

We finished in 39:19 and our average pace was 12:31 per mile.

Pros: Free race (donations accepted), Supporting a great cause, Weather was great, Great enthusiastic volunteers (which you gotta have lots of them).

Cons: A little hilly, Had to run over 1 wooden bridge (while I was holding my phone in my hand..), Not timed - so I had to go off of my watch.

Overall it was a great race, and I love supporting other nonprofits that are helping families overcome addiction. You can find out more about them here.

Fitness Weekly Wrap Up #4

Sunday, September 10

I was feeling a lot better this week. I think the antibiotics were really helping. I was also trying hard to drink plenty of water to ensure I didn't get it again.

Monday: 3 rounds due to time, and I completely forgot about the 1 mile run. It was a fun workout and enjoyed the variations.
I used 12 pounds on the hammer curls and tricep kickbacks, but used 3 pound weights (only weights that are the same poundage) on shoulder press and DB rows.
I tried to use variety when it came to the active rest part. I jumped rope (I kept messing up due to not wanting to hit the ceiling), mountain climbers, ran up and down the stairs (a few times), squats (not jumping ones), speed skaters, jumping jacks, high knees, and then some form of box jumps.

Tuesday: Chase and I took Kason on a hike. It was a hike we did last year. We didn't go as far as we did last year, but we also had an extra 14 pounds we were carrying. So that kind of slowed us down. Overall it was fun and I would like to get out a few more times before it starts getting cold.

Wednesday: I did 100 squats from Fitness Blender. I'm trying to find exercises that don't require weights. Squats are perfect. I wanted something to get me active for the day, but not completely wear me out.

Thursday: Went for a 2 mile run/walk with the stroller.

Friday: Did this video from Sarah Fit YouTube channel. I did it during nap time and I wanted to make sure I had time to do a workout and shower.

Saturday: I ran the addicts to athletes race. With Chase, Kason, Alli and Owen. It was my first race since giving birth. We finished in 40 minutes. I'm a little sore, since there were a few hills on the course, but other than that I feel good. I guess I need to keep running and sign up for another race to get me a little more motivated to run. My shins did hurt a bit, and hopefully I won't develop shin splints again - cause they suck! I'll post a race recap on Tuesday.

Sunday: Rest Day!

How to Become Less Bitter and More Better

Wednesday, September 6

A few years ago I was bitter at a lot of things. I was bitter at my friends (who had gotten married around the same time Chase and I) and now had at least 2-3 kids. I was bitter at friends posting pregnancy photos. I was bitter at friends who posted baby photos. And I was bitter at God.

Growing up and the first few years of our infertility journey I was under the impression that only bad people had trials or so called "bad things" happened to those not living righteously. Apparently I had never really had anything "bad" happen to me  or been through anything "hard." Though, having divorced parents was hard and an ongoing trial for me, but for some reason I didn't see it that way. I'm not sure why I didn't see that even righteous people go through trials - through bad and hard times too.

So when this huge trial hit Chase and I, it really tested my trust in God. I remember writing "why would God let this happen to us?" in my journal. Infertility really tested my patience and for a while I was really bitter at God.

If you read this post, I mentioned I had a turning point. But before that, I didn't want to go to church, I didn't read my scriptures and my prayers weren't as sincere as they should've been. I was going through the motions of doing the things I was supposed to be doing, but not really in it 100%. Our marriage was also struggling (I think in part of that). I was seeking our bishop for council and also saw a professional counselor as well for a period of time. It was a really dark place for me. It's amazing how bitterness can consume you and cause you to be so negative.

Obviously I was able to get over it. So how do you overcome being less bitter?

Well for starters, I can't force my friends (or you for that matter) who are still struggling to become less bitter. They/You have to want to become less bitter on their/your own.

So with that said, you are given your agency to choose whether you want to be bitter or not. It's all in you deciding what you want for you. So what I'm suggesting is what worked for me, take my suggestions and find more on your own.

I realized that the atonement can help with healing our hearts and isn't just for taking away our sins. It's there to help give the bitterness to God and to take away our pain of a broken heart. I realized that I couldn't deal with infertility on my own. I had to give it to God. Sure I still had sad days, but I wasn't bitter and I knew who I needed to rely on to help heal my heart.

Realizing that I was comparing my life to other fertile couples. Did you know that comparison is the thief of joy? I can't let other people's choices (going back to agency again) and circumstances take hold of me and take over my life. Comparing what others had stole my joy that I could've been experiencing.

I realized that I didn't have to see all those baby announcements, pregnancy updates and back-to-school photos. So let's talk Facebook for a minute. Those said photos always end up coming through our feed at the wrong time and it really can be upsetting. What I did start doing was unfollowing those friends. They don't know you aren't following them, those photos don't end up in your feed, but you can still remain "friends" online. Then, you can protect your heart and if you are ever curious you can always go to their page, or you can choose to follow them again. Completely up to you! OR you can be like Chase and get rid of Facebook all together. No one needs to be on Facebook, but we all choose to be on, to pass the time, stay up to date on people, certain companies, etc. Since I started unfollowing people I have felt so much better. It's worth a shot right?

Soap box moment - I feel social media has utterly destroyed us. We compare every aspect of our lives to others and it's not healthy. Instead of being happy for others going on that trip of a lifetime, we are jealous and resentful of what they're able to "show off." Did you ever think to know if that trip cost them their retirement, or that it rained for the whole week they were gone aside from 2 hours, or that they fought with their spouse the entire trip? It just goes to show that not every life is perfect. Okay getting off my soap box...

I mentioned going and seeing my bishop, and I saw a counselor on my own, which then turned into Chase and I going together. That was one thing that helped our marriage and our healing process. Talking to someone (either in a professional or religious setting) can help get you on the right path towards healing. They, a lot of times, have better tools to help with the pain you're experiencing.

I'm reminding you that in no way can this completely solve your problem, but it can help guide you towards the start of healing. And yes, I get reminded occasionally of women who complain about their pregnancy or about their kids, but it doesn't hurt as much as it did when I was bitter and resentful. And yes, I still tell Chase about other pregnant complainers, it's not like that is completely gone, but like I said before, I'm not bitter.

I hope and pray you can find peace and comfort in your season of waiting, and not be bitter like I was for so long.