The Reason I Opened Up a Shop

Tuesday, May 16

Last September I opened a shop on my blog. Before opening, I kept getting this feeling that I needed to do something more than what I was currently doing with my job. I had seen a lot of shops on Instagram and Etsy who took the money from their shop and put it towards treatment, and that was something I was interested in doing.

When I first had the idea (well before opening the shop) I wanted to put the proceeds towards helping us pay for fertility treatments. After our nonprofit was created I decided to put 10% of my funds towards the nonprofit to help give back to others. I have a big heart and my desire is to help as many couples as I can achieve their dream of becoming parents. I felt that this was one way I could personally help give back.

After talking with Chase about my idea we decided we could invest $500 of our own income towards getting it started. I first thought I would start with selling 1 shirt, then once those all sold or I made the majority of my money back then I would add an additional shirt. I didn't want to use debt to grow a business or constantly feel the need to pull money from our own pocketbook to help fund the business.

In my efforts to start the whole process I was scared, but I still had that strong desire to move forward with my plan. I'll be honest, putting yourself out there trying to sell products, can be very scary. I don't have design skills, or a lot of business knowledge, but I do have a passion towards helping other, and that is what has kept me moving forward. 

Chase then helped me design the "Keep Calm and Pineapple On." I used this idea because I love pineapple, and I know there are a lot of Trying To Conceive (TTC) sisters who eat pineapple after IUI's and IVF to help with implantation and reduce inflammation.

Pineapple itself has such great benefits and I've talked about pineapple before on the blog.

I know there are many of you still struggling with trying to get pregnant/stay pregnant and my hope is to spread awareness and encouragement through these shirts.

I recently started selling the shirt on Etsy as well as here through my blog. And I hope to add in a few more designs in the next few months.

* Are there any designs you've seen online that you've loved? 
* Do you love Pineapple?
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