Goals Update: February/March 2017

Tuesday, April 4

I was a little slacking in writing up and keeping track of my goals for February, and completely forgot to write up a post to help keep me on track. So I'm going to lump the past 2 months into one post.

My goals for the year are in bold and my progress is starting with an asterisk:

-Read my Scriptures/Conference talks for at least 5 minutes a day.
       *I have been reading/listening the scriptures a lot better the past 2 months. I have been sitting down and reading scriptures or listening to conference talks at least 3 out of the 7 days. It is a huge improvement for me since I wasn't doing it at all.
-Attend the temple (with or without Chase) at least 10 times.
     *I didn't get to the temple the past 2 months, but Chase and I are headed down to visit a clinic in Arizona regarding our nonprofit. We should have some time to get to the Mesa Temple. Whenever we vacation, if there is a temple near, we always try and make it an effort to visit the temple or do a session.
-Fulfill my Visiting Teaching each month (something I constantly struggle with).
     *I have visited or at least attempted to visit my sisters the past 2 months. I got a new companion at the end of February and we were able to go visit or drop a treat/note off.

-Sign up for 1-marathon, 1-half marathon, 1-10k and 1-5k to complete by the end of 2017.
     *I still haven't signed up for any races. I know St. George Marathon opens within the next few weeks. So I'm hoping I'll get a spot. If not then I'll find another race to run.
-Stick with strength training/Barre at least 3 times a week.
     *I thought I would enjoy exercising and staying active, but it's been a lot harder. To be honest it's almost like a chore for me to complete. It makes me really sad that that's how I'm thinking of being active. Aside from thinking that way, I have been making an effort to get to barre at least once a week. I did find a great pregnancy yoga YouTube video that has helped stretch and strengthen my legs/hips.
-Do some sort of cardio activity at least 3 times a week.
     *I have been trying to walk my dogs more and staying active by walking. I have run/walked a few times with Pepper, but it's hard because she wants to go so much faster than me.

-Do an activity/Date night we both enjoy once a month.
     *Chase and I went and saw Beauty and the Beast and Power Rangers in the theater. But other than that we haven't dressed up to go out.
-Being okay with asking for help from Chase (this is an ongoing one that I need to continue to do).
     *I've stepped it up and asked for help a lot more, since there are certain things that are just too physically laboring for me now. He's also stepped it up with helping around the house and me not asking.
-Have a better and more meaningful relationship with Chase (this is ongoing).
     *It's been hard to sit down and chat with him. Because there are so many other things to talk about aside from just us. But I know how important it is, so I will keep it up, and keep trying.

-Read/Listen to 5 books.
     *I haven't listened to any books, but I am reading a book called "How to Cope with IVF" by Silvia Dunn and will write a book review as soon as I'm finished.
-Be in the present and stop focusing on the "what if's" and the future.
     *I've not been the best, but I have tried to set my phone down more and to stay off of social media. I have also started unfollowing people on FB, not unfriending them, just unfollowing them. I felt like there was so much negativity and people often complaining that I thought I should just not follow hardly anyone. 
-Write in my journal at least once per month.
     *I haven't been writing in my journal. I know once per month right?! It should be a lot easier than it is. I will keep trying to remember. I have been keeping up with writing about what's been going on this pregnancy on my personal blog.

What are some goals you have set for yourself this year? Do you keep track of your goals monthly?
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