Things that Make Races Truly Exceptional

Tuesday, March 21

What are the reasons you sign up for and run a race - big or small. Here are some of my reasons for running a race. I personally think certain races have different qualities that make them each exceptional.

I came up with 5 things that make races truly exceptional:

1. The Scenery
Is there someplace cool you've always wanted to go? Well, sign up for a race and go there! Or if you're already going there on a trip then plan a race around that. I think that would make it more meaningful to me. Most of the races that I have done have been in Utah. I've done the Vegas Ragnar, The Dopey Challenge, and Disneyland Half Marathon. Aside from that, nothing too exciting. I have ran in other places; Leicester, England; San Diego, Ca; Las Vegas, NV; Pawley's Island, SC; Anchorage, AK; Orlando, FL; Anaheim, CA; and of course all around Utah. I think the scenery completely makes up a race and that's why I've put it in the #1 spot.
Anchorage, AK

Huntsville, UT - first Marathon
Epcot - Disneyworld

 2. The Swag
The coolest thing I have ever gotten from a race was arm sleeves (though I think I may have worn them once). I've gotten coupons with my bib for all sorts of different things. I know it depends on who sponsors the race, and what companies the race directors were able to reach. When I ran Vegas Ragnar we got playing cards and decals for our car windows. For the Haunted Half I got gloves, which was helpful since the race was in October.

3. The Shirt
Who doesn't run for the shirt? I know I have decided on whether to run a race or not based on the shirts they've given out. I've had good shirts and bad shirts. I have worn most, if not all of my race shirts to work. Because I worked in a warehouse, I liked not getting my nice shirts dirty and stained. I have had several people tell me I run a lot of races because they see me in a different race shirt every day. Wearing them makes for a good stories, and I, for the most part remember if the race was good or bad based on the shirt. I remember what race I got my first PR when I see my shirts.

4. Running for a Purpose
There are lots of reasons we run races. It could be based on the course, or if that particular race is donating to a foundation you support. I know my races have been both running for a purpose as well as the course. Or just because friends were doing it - like the Dirty Dash.

5. The Medal
The first real medal I ever got from a race was when I did The Top of Zion Relay down in Southern Utah. It was the hottest, most horrific race ever! I ran in 109 temps. I didn't train properly for this relay and when I got that finishers medal it was SO worth it! That medal is massive, and is one of the biggest medals I have in my collection. I think it was that race that I decided I liked getting finisher medals.

Those are my 5 things that make races truly exceptional.

Did I miss anything? 

What would you say makes a race truly exceptional?

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  1. I love everything. Race addict here. I think the feeling of being in the large mass of people with all the excitement is my favorite thing.