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Tuesday, March 28

After hearing what happened to Kelly out in Seattle while she was out for her morning run, I have been thinking of ways that I can be safer while I run.

I know I'm not focusing hard core on running right now (hello! 28 weeks pregnant), but when I was training hard for marathons safety wasn't one of my main concerns. I would carry pepper spray with me, but other than that I didn't even think to look in the public trail bathroom stalls before I used them. Which is what happened to Kelly.

As the weather gets warmer it's important that we stay safe while out being active. Here are a few of my tips, and I would love to know your tips for being safe while being outdoors alone:

1. Make sure you tell your significant other/parents where you're going, and what time they should expect you back
2. Consider Carrying Pepper Spray, Mase, or some of these self defense tools
3. A few cool apps that help keep you safe:
• Road ID App - like the bracelet, but for your phone and if you stop for more than 5 minutes it will send an alert to an emergency contact letting them know
bSafe - If you are in trouble there's a guardian alert button that will immediately notify your friends/family, and it can even set off a siren.
React Mobile - This app works with a bluetooth panic button. It also has an SOS button which allows you to send an emergency alert to your contacts, and the app calls local authorities with the "Help Me" button.
Kitestring - You do not need an app, all you need to do is sign up. They will send you a text after a certain number of minutes (you decide) and when you don't respond it will send an alert to your emergency contacts.
4. Use an app like "Find Friends" or "Life360" for family/friends to be able to see where you're at
5.  Consider taking a self defense class to know how to defend yourself. That is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Ask your local police or do a search online to find some classes
6. Run with your dog. Your dog is your loyal companion they will want to protect you in anyway they can. Yes they want us to be safe, but we also want them to be safe
7. Wear a reflective vest or reflective clothing 

Something you may not know about me, I took karate when I was younger. My dad thought it would be beneficial since I was having issues with a few girls. I've never had to use it as self defense, but I have always imagined how I would take out an attacker if I were ever in that situation. I know each situation is different, but I try and visualize me succeeding.

Well Simplisafe has offered to let me share this graphic with you on health and safety. They also know some things about safety, and they're an authority on home security systems.

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