My Take on the Keto/Low Carb Diet

Tuesday, March 7

So here's what I know about the Keto Diet. I haven't researched a whole ton about it, but this is what I do know so far.

Back in January I went to a free seminar on "Why American's are Sick and Fat." Here are some of the key points they talked about:
• Following the Keto Diet; high fat, low carb. It will help us lose weight, and not rely on medications.
• How eating carbs can cause insulin resistance because we have too much insulin in our bodies. Some examples of our bodies being insulin resistant: diabetes, PCOS, migraines, to name a few.
• How fat doesn't cause an insulin spike, while protein causes a little spike, carbs cause a huge spike in insulin.
• Often you are more hungry when you eat carbs as opposed to fat, which fills you up. Over the past few months, I have done my own research on myself and have found that eating fat really does help me to stay full longer.

When Chase and I went on a low carb diet in 2015, I noticed that I felt better, I was a lot healthier and had more energy (I was also in the midst of marathon training).

I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to low carb meals. So that's where I pulled most of the dinner meals from. Click on the link above to go to the board.

Here's what our menus sort of looked like:

• 1/2 serving of oatmeal, brown sugar and a tablespoon of Peanut Butter. I have noticed that oatmeal actually makes me hungrier instead of keeping me full. A guy at work recommended I try adding in a teaspoon of coconut oil, and it helped for a few days, but I still was hungry 2 hours after eating breakfast.
• Egg omelet with ham, and green peppers (or any other veggie/meat we have on hand). With salsa, sour cream/lots of cheese on top.
Kodiak Cakes with sugar free syrup, and for me PB on top. This isn't really low carb, but the cakes do have a lot of protein in them.
• "Naked" Breakfast Burritos with eggs, sausage, some hash browns. Topped with sour cream, an avocado, and salsa. These are my favorite and we've been making them since we first got married. We call them naked, because we don't use a tortilla. Obviously they still have carbs in them, but I try to keep them minimal with this recipe.
• Egg White French Toast - Chase always adds a bit of brown sugar and cinnamon and you can't taste that it is without the yolk. Again, not completely low carb, but it's different.

• Leftovers are always a great option (plus it saves you money too).
• Thick deli turkey (we get ours from Costco that comes in a 3-pack), string cheese, and a pickle.
• Cottage cheese and a serving of carrots.

Dinner for a typical week:
• Monday - Polish Sausage, Bacon & Broccoli - I used butter, garlic salt.
• Tuesday - Grilled Chicken Bacon Avocado Salad - like Chicken Salad Sandwich but we wrap ours in lettuce.
• Wednesday - Kielbasa and Cabbage, or Brussel Sprouts (when my sister was living with us).
• Thursday - Skinny Mexican Pizza using low carb tortillas.
• Friday - Pizza Bites - thick ham rounds, with sauce and pepperoni.
• Saturday - Leftovers
• Sunday - Burgers and Veggies (usually zucchini and squash from our garden) on the grill.

• Pretzels - which we don't eat now.
• Celery with sour cream and ranch or PB.
• Pepperoni Chips (my new favorite).
• Fat bombs (to help curve your sweet tooth). The first ones I made were cheesecake flavored.
• String Cheese
• Carrots

We used to use My Fitness Pal for tracking our calories and entering our food, but now with us using the keto diet we don't track our calories, we just try and stay full on fat and protein. I still try hard to eat my fruit and veggies. I know that they have carbs in them, but I know how important it is to get those essential nutrients. I try and only focus on my fat, protein and fiber intake, because those are essentially what really matter for my body.

When we first started back in 2015 and getting back into it now, the first couple weeks were hard for us. I think it's an adjustment that you just have to keep with. It does get easier I promise! But we kept at it and even had "screw it days" (cheat day/suck it day), and there were a few of them. We knew if we tried to be super strict with our change, we would just fail miserably and get back into our old ways. We never felt like we were starving because we always had healthy snacks that we could munch on if we felt hungry. I really enjoy the term "Keep it Simple Stupid" when planning meals and snacks for 2 weeks.

What has helped us stay on track is meal planning. Yes, it takes about an hour every 2 weeks, but it has helped us since we were first married. We use the Envelope System, and I pull out money for groceries every 2 weeks and meal plan based on when we get paid.

If you have any questions I would love to chat - shoot me an email. I am in no wise an expert when it comes to the keto/low carb diet, and I ALWAYS try and listen to what my body needs, and focus on that.

Disclaimer: I am not a health professional (though I have taken lots of classes on nutrition/anatomy, etc.) and would suggest talking to your doctor to first to determine the proper way to go about losing weight. Please note: This post contains affiliate links. 
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