Five Reasons I'm Scared to be A Parent

Tuesday, March 14

Isn't everyone scared to be a parent at some point in time? Or is it just me? I hope I'm not alone in my thoughts and feelings. Honestly, I felt, and still sometimes feel like I am going to be a worse parent than others. I'm a firm believer that if I say or write down why I'm scared that I can study up and practice ways to better prepare myself. Knowing that these are some of my fears will help me to be a better parent.

My 5 reasons I'm scared to be a parent:

1. I'm scared that I'm going to be angry at our kids all the time

2. I'm scared I'm going to parent wrong and have them end up becoming "entitled"

3. I'm scared I'm not going to know how to take care of a baby

4. I'm scared that I'm going to not be able to do the things I enjoy

5. I'm scared that mine and Chase's relationship will get neglected and fail due to having children

Over the course of 10 years I've been scared on and off on whether I wanted to be a parent or not. I got the most scared and overwhelmed in 2015 right before we started doing our IUI's with our clinic. I'm not sure why but I felt like Chase couldn't help me, that he couldn't talk me out of my fears. So I went to an outside source - my Bishop. I sat down and told him that I was scared that I was going to be a horrible parent and that I didn't feel I was ready to be a parent. After nearly 10 years of marriage you would think I would be ready, but parenting a child was something that I didn't think about on a daily basis. He understood my concern, and knew exactly where this "fear" was coming from. He directed me to read a talk called "Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ," as well as starting a daily study of the Book of Mormon. I can't say that I immediately started to feel better. But, after the course of a few weeks, I slowly learned that being scared and overwhelmed was Satan's way at getting me to doubt what God had intended for me to become, a wonderful, confident, mother.

Since that discussion with my bishop, I have learned that God never intends for us to become fearful. He intends for us to be confident and be able to overcome all. God intends for us to succeed and to overcome Satan. Remember Peter wanting to walk out to Christ on the Sea of Galilee? He was confident at first looking out towards Christ. The minute he saw the seas tossing and turning, he let his fear overcome his faith, and started to sink, and cry for help. Did you know, we only need as much faith as a grain of mustard seed? The size of a grain of mustard seed isn't that big. Yet, we still fear, and sometimes let our fears and worries consume us.

If I'm going to be the best parent I can be to this little boy that is coming to our family, then I need to have more faith in Christ. He is the rock and our redeemer. I can do that by acknowledging my fears, and then coming up with ways to have more faith. I can do that by having Christ be the center of our home. I can do that by studying the scriptures and striving to have the Spirit in our home, and I can create affirmations to overcome those fears that I have listed.

-Do you have fears associated with being a parent or becoming a parent?
-What has helped you to overcome fears?

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  1. I definitely had many of these same fears. I wrote about it on my blog too, actually! (Here, if you're interested: But I will tell you that being a mom is the BEST thing ever and so amazing. Also, I'm due June 23, so I think we are pretty close! Fun! Hope things are going well for you. I hopped over to say hi after seeing your comment on Caroline's blog :)

  2. Thanks for finding my blog! I'll have to go check your blog post out! Thanks for sharing! We are pretty close in due date. So awesome!