Yearly Goals Update: January 2017

Tuesday, February 21

I told myself that I was going to be more accountable on my goals this year. So to me that meant doing a monthly post about where I am in relation to what I could accomplish this year.

My goals for the year are in bold and the update is below starting with an asterisk:

-Read my Scriptures/Conference talks for at least 5 minutes a day.
       *I will be honest, I really enjoy reading scriptures/conference talks while I eat breakfast, and I just have not been getting up early enough to make 5 minutes work. Before church on Sunday I have been listening to conference talks. But overall I was not consistent everyday. 
-Attend the temple (with or without Chase) at least 10 times.
     *I didn't get to attending the temple this past month.
-Fulfill my Visiting Teaching each month (something I constantly struggle with).
     *I did visit 2 out of the 3 sisters I was supposed to visit. The other one my companion took care of due to our schedules conflicting.

-Sign up for 1-marathon, 1-half marathon, 1-10k and 1-5k to complete by the end of 2017.
     *I haven't signed up for any races yet, I need to talk to a few running buddies to figure out which ones to sign up for.
-Stick with strength training/Barre at least 3 times a week.
     *I will be honest I thought I would have enough energy to continue my exercising, but I have been SO tired. Working full-time on concrete floors all day really has an impact on me. So I was only able to do Barre a handful of times in January.
-Do some sort of cardio activity at least 3 times a week.
     *I went running once in January, and didn't do the elliptical or bike.

-Do an activity/Date night we both enjoy once a month.
     *We went to a lot of places together, but I don't think we set aside any time for just us.
-Being okay with asking for help from Chase (this is an ongoing one that I need to continue to do).
     *It's been better, but I still struggle with this.
-Have a better and more meaningful relationship with Chase (this is ongoing).
     *I strive for this each and every day, and can really tell when we haven't gotten to sit down and just talk one-on-one with each other.

-Read/Listen to 5 books.
     *I listened to "I Am Number 4" by Pitticus Lore - book #1 of a series called "The Lorien Legacies." I've listened to it before, but I wanted to continue and get farther with the series.
-Be in the present and stop focusing on the "what if's" and the future.
     *I think the deep relaxation that I've been practicing has been helping me not focus on the "what if's" with life. It has also helped me calm my mind.
-Write in my journal at least once per month.
     *I totally failed with actually writing in my journal, but I did write down what's been going on this pregnancy on my personal blog.

What are some goals you have set for yourself this year? Do you keep track of your goals monthly?
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