Things that are Running with your Dog

Tuesday, February 28

In September of 2016 after I ran the Disneyland Half Marathon I was at work and happened to listen to Another Mother Runner Podcast on Advice with running with dogs. I got excited and nervous at the same time wanting to take Pepper out for a run. I thought it would be fun for her to get out and hopefully help with training her to be a better companion.

In the past we've taken Hurley out for walking and running. We took him with us when we ran our first Dirty Dash, and he just kept on pulling and running. I couldn't tell if he was just sick of the mud or if he actually enjoyed it. When he runs he is just go, go, go, wanting to sniff and pee on everything in sight.

So when I started trying to train Pepper to run with me, after listening to the podcast I knew I needed to focus on her and not on me. That was one thing that was clearly mentioned in the podcast. So I opted to not wear headphones and decided on a 2 mile course to start. We could walk and run depending on what she wanted to do (and how I physically felt).

Before leaving for our runs, I tried to remember the skills I had learned from Cesar Millan and how my body needed to be confident and show myself as a true pack leader. I was a little worried because ever since 2014 when Pepper ate a full bottle of Ibuprofen and was in with the pet hospital for 36 hours, she has gotten a little aggressive towards smaller dogs. Including an incident with Hurley last year when she bit his ear. So with that in the back of my mind I tried to stay positive and hope and pray that she would enjoy the run.

I started out walking at least .25 miles to get us a little warmed up and that she knew I was going to be taking her out. After that we started running and walking depending on if she had to go to the bathroom. Both our dogs seem to have to go (number 1 and number 2) within the first mile. So in preparation for that, I made sure to take a doggy bag with me, and knew the route I was taking had a few trash cans for quick disposal.

I tried going at her pace (which is a lot faster than mine unfortunately) but I couldn't last very long. So we kept switching off from running her pace and walking. We did run into a few dogs on our route. I tried to ignore them and keep running past them so she knew we were there to run not there to play with (or bark at) other dogs.

I'm sure with some practice her and I will be great running companions.

*I do want to note that once I found out I was pregnant I stopped running completely until I was further along. So Pepper and I only ran together twice.

***Disclaimer*** I am not an expert when it comes to running with dogs. So please don't take this post as how your dog will be while running. Also be aware of the weather and how your dog does on a leash and greeting other dogs.

Have you ever ran with your/other dogs?
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