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Tuesday, January 24

A few of you have asked to know the story on how we found out we got pregnant and the 2 months leading up to when we revealed to our parents. If this is in any way a trigger for you, I would advise to skip this post. I will not hold any hard feelings.
The first weekend in October Chase and I were going to walk the 50/20 (50 miles in 20 hours). I had some spotting and thought my period would come while we were walking the 50/20. So I took the essentials. I noticed that Sunday that I still hadn't gotten my period. I didn't think anything of it, until the following week. I finally got up the courage and tested on Wednesday and it barely showed positive. I thought it was a false positive and threw it in the trash - thinking my acts would cause Aunt Flo (AF) to come. I tested the following day and when I had a faint line show up I pulled the one out of the trash and compared. The second day was lighter than the first so I thought my hCG numbers were declining and that I may miscarry or it was another false positive. Tested again on Friday and another line showed up, but this time a little darker. I do want to note that I was using cheap Amazon tests that were at least 5 years old.

I tested Saturday with a more recent pregnancy test and it turned positive within a minute (test results said within 3 minutes). I couldn't believe it, and Chase didn't believe it. How could Chase and I get pregnant on our own?! In the 7 years we've been trying I've never once gotten a positive pregnancy test. It is truly a miracle and one we are still trying to process and understand ourselves.

In answer to questions we've already been asked, no we weren't "just relaxing". We were still trying to grieve the loss of me being told I would never be a biological mother. We also had other goals we are working towards. And the other question - no, we weren't getting papers ready for adoption.

Chase and I didn't know what to do at this point. So I called the fertility clinic and was able to get in to do some early monitoring. We had 2 beta tests done within a week of each other. Our first one was over 2,000 and the following week it was over 12,000. About a week after that we got in to hear the heartbeat and see the little embryo. That was the craziest and coolest thing and Chase and I teared up (I think even our ultrasound tech teared up too, she's been helping us for the past year). 2 weeks later we got another ultrasound and this time got to see the heart flutter on the monitor. Unfortunately we had to go to a different location for our final ultrasound and weren't ever able to talk with our RE. I'm kind of bummed about that.

During this month we were VERY hesitant with telling anyone, afraid that this miracle would be taken away from us at any moment. After so much struggle, I think anyone would have the same mindset. We told our closest friends including our closest infertile friends. We felt that we needed to treat them how we would want to be treated and that was with love and kindness. We also told them that we would not make the pregnancy a topic of what we would talk about with them or around them. If they asked how things were going then we would tell them. To me that is how I would want to be treated if I was in their situation.

We were somehow able to keep this all hidden from our family and the majority of our friends for 2 months. It was really hard to keep it from them, but we wanted to make sure we were out of the first trimester and that things were still progressing. So we told them on Christmas. I'm sure that was the best Christmas present they could've asked for.

I promise I won't share too much on here - that's not why I started this blog. If I do post pregnancy related posts it's to help those struggling with the feelings that come after infertility, once pregnant.

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  1. Tedi I am still over the moon excited for you guys! I think I honestly teared up when I saw your first post. Even though we have never met, I have grown to know you through our similar Infertility struggles. I can't think of a better person who deserves this!

    1. Thank you Daisy! You have been one to be in my thoughts and prayers.