Things that are Costumes for the Dopey Challenge 2016

Tuesday, January 10

Since Dopey 2017 just happened I thought it would be fun to #takemeback to when I ran the Dopey Challenge last year (2016) with Celise, Shelly, and Celise's uncle, Dan. I wanted to post what cute costumes we wore and what fun ones we found too.

Here are some of the costumes we found. Some were homemade, some were a mix between homemade and bought, and some were bought.



I started searching for the Dopey Challenge early in 2015, we had signed up for the race in March or April of 2015 (and in the past the race usually sold out fast). I searched blogs and the web and the best one that I found was We Run Disney Blog. The blog is hosted by a mother and daughter. They have cute outfits, had a post specifically for questions (which was VERY helpful), race recaps, and the most recent was their experience running the Castle to Ch√Ęteau Challenge at Disneyland Paris. 

So after all our searching we decided on what to wear. Here's a recap of what we wore for the Dopey Challenge:

Day 1 - Super Heroes Tedi - Iron Man, Celise - Captain America, Shelly - Superman, Dan - Flash. Both Dan and Shelly wore DC costumes while Celise and I kept with Marvel. If you didn't know, Disney owns Marvel, but not DC.

Day 2 - Princesses Tedi - Rapunzel, Celise - Snow White, Shelly - Aurora, Dan - Prince Charming Shirt
Day 3 - "Forget the Glass Slippers" shirt with Turquoise skirt while Dan - "Why are all these princesses chasing me" shirt

Day 4 - Girls - Minnie Mouse with black shirt/tank and Minnie skirt, Dan - Mickey Mouse

Have you dressed up for a race? If yes, was it a Disney Race?
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