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Tuesday, January 31

Here's what I know about it...

There's a protein called Bromelain, commonly found in pineapple. Specifically, the majority is found in the pineapples core. It has been shown to act as an anti-inflammatory, a blood thinner and an anti-coagulant. It's not recommended that you take it if you are taking medication for blood thinners, like baby aspirin commonly used in IVF. Talk to your doctor before you start eating the pineapples core if you are going to be on blood thinners. Most TTCers use pineapple for at least 5 days after ovulation. It is bad if taken too much because it can cause more acidity in your digestive system.

I have found in my journey a lot of infertile friends use pineapple, as a symbol of infertility, being a infertility warrior and being part of a community. I myself have pineapple socks, a necklace and matching earrings. I got my first pair of socks with Chelsea's sock exchange. I got earrings from my sister before starting our 2nd IVF cycle that I wore to every RE's appointment, and got the necklace in October as an early Christmas gift from a dear friend.

If you like using pineapple as a symbol of infertility, then here are some great finds that I really like:

and of course I'm a bit partial to my own design:

Have you used pineapple during your cycles before? If so, did it make a difference?

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