Things that are an Ilitibial Band Syndrome Injury

Tuesday, October 11

I'm not sure when exactly I got iliotibal band syndrome (it band syndrome). I think it was after the Cedar City Half Marathon that was all downhill in September of 2013. It was after that race that I started noticing problems each time I would run anything over 6 miles. It was really painful and really annoying. It has been an ongoing problem for several years now and it was up until March of 2014 before I decided I needed to get the problem fixed.

Going back to the regular doctor wouldn't help much, they tend to try and put a band aid on things. Instead of fixing the problem - they would tell me to not run. Though I love physical therapy I had a feeling it wouldn't help, because I needed something more than what they offer to fix.

I felt like my last resort was to go to my chiropractor who deals with sports injuries. I've been seeing him since I was 16. I trust him with my care and he's always done a great job at that. He should always be my first resort rather than my last. In this instance he was my last, I have since then learned and now go to him first.

The first thing he told me when helping fix my IT band syndrome was to NOT run. He told me to take a break from running for 4-6 weeks. I didn't run for about 7 weeks, which completely took away my fitness level for running anything over a mile. It also happened to take away my shin splints that I had been dealing on and off with.

Here are some things he had me do:

-Roll out on a foam roller every. single. day.
-Bridges - including 1 legged bridges and marching bridges. With the focus being on strengthening the inside of the thigh (pushing my big toe down).
-Strengthening the ankles and glutes
-Sumo squats while using a broom
-reverse lunges
-stretches: pigeon stretch, thread the needle

At every appointment (every other week) he had me hooked up to electrical acupuncture. I would also work on the exercises he gave me and it helped him see where I was lacking and a lot of times would modify movements or have me increase my reps.

I asked what shoes I should buy, and he suggested getting Altras. He wears them, and they are supposed to help you run with a slight pronation. I could tell I was running with more supination because all my shoes showed the lateral side of the shoe more worn down then the inside.

Once he felt I was starting to heal, I was given the clear to begin running slowly. I basically had to retrain my body how to run correctly. I did that by running with my little toes up while trying to keep my big toe to the ground. It forced more pronation because running on the outside of your feet is what is thought to cause it band syndrome. There are other things that can play a role in it band syndrome, but this way taught me correct form.

Since 2014 I have gone into his office for maintenance and he has helped me run more injury free. I ran 2 marathons while seeing him and felt great after both of them. It has really made a difference. I think everyone should have a chiropractor like mine.

Here are a few articles that I have found helpful with stretches:

Elevate: Hip Control For Runners with IT-Band Friction Syndrome

Best Post Run Stretches for IT Band and Hips

**Disclaimer** I'm not a medical professional and in no way believe that what will work for me will work for you. So please seek medical advice for any questions.
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