Things that are Challenges are Challenges

Friday, October 7

I find it interesting how each and every one of us has different challenges. No two challenges are the same. God has given us the opportunity to have our own unique challenges.

Yes infertility is a challenge, but since each of us are different we are all unique in what challenges we face ahead or have faced. Some have endometriosis and male factor infertility, while others have polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). The variations for each couples infertility are endless. Each of us are so different and our make up is different. No two people are the same, if you can believe it.

How we overcome these challenges can sometimes be daunting. You feel so incapable of being able to bear the challenge placed in front of you. All growing up I was taught and told that "God will not give us more then we can handle" do I really believe that? Yes. Should you believe that? Of course!

We may feel like we can't handle what we've been given. We may feel as though our world around us is crashing down. We may feel we are inadequate. BUT we can handle it, our world is not crashing down, and we are adequate.

Take Job from the bible for an example. He had so many bad things happen to him and his loved ones. Yet he kept his cool (at least that's what I take from the Bible) and moved forward with life staying true to God. He stayed positive while his world crashed around him. Could life be any worse? Could life bring on more challenges? Of course it could. But with examples from the scriptures we can gain strength to know we aren't alone in our struggles.

I gave a talk in our sacrament meeting in church a few months ago and tried to impress upon the minds of those in the room the image of Christ's suffering for our sins, pains and afflictions. I mentioned that he bled from every pore - look closely in the mirror the next time. Look real close. See all those pores on your face? Or see all the hair on your body? Each hair is a pore. Yep, he bled from every single pore. Kind of gruesome, right? But it shows what challenge He went through for us so we be saved. He loved us THAT much.

Yes God will give us challenges, and He lets things happen to us. It is for our learning and understanding. I learned recently that Faith cannot do two things. It cannot violate another persons agency. God will not force us to follow Him - but He will do everything in His power (through us sometimes) to invite, persuade, be persistent, to get us to come back to Him. And faith cannot force our will upon God. We can’t force God to giving us what we truly want and desire.

Challenges help teach us, to strengthen us and to help us grow closer to Him. With our challenges we have faith from the Savior that all will be made right. If all our faith is depleted, then we must still have hope. I know at times we feel that we can’t even hope that all will be made right. I know that getting down on our knees to pray even when we don’t feel like praying will help give us that hope again. I have felt that glimmer of hope when I thought all was crashing down beside me. Yes, it may only be a glimmer, but it has helped me get my faith back where I can start being a light and a beacon for others to follow.

If you are going through a challenge and you feel like you can’t see beyond all the darkness that surrounds you, just remember to kneel down and pray. There is one person who does not want us to succeed and that is Satan. I always remember this meme of Ashton Kutcher:

Remember we are on the winning side and that all will be made right once again.
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