Things that are Starting IVF #2!!

Friday, July 29

I started reading skimming an IVF book that I got from the library. While I was reading the chapter about surviving the infertility roller coaster, the author mentioned that with each new cycle you are given a clean slate.

So for us that clean slate is:
-Taking the RE's recommended supplements 3 months before July. I had read somewhere that it would help promote egg quality when taken 3 months before you start treatment. Similarly to how any changes to a man's body can affect sperm 3 months down the road the same thing applies to a women's egg development 3 months before.
-We also tried to combat the endometriosis that has been growing by doing 3 months of depo-lupron shots.
-During egg retrieval my doctor will inject what is called "neupogen" into my uterus which is supposed to help the embryo to stick better during embryo transfer. I had a friend mention it and thought it would be worth the $300.
-I decided to an acupuncturist who does group sessions (which brings the price down significantly). Before I made my first appointment I asked if they have helped ladies with fertility and sure enough they had, and have had a few successful IVF babies from it. I had my first appointment, 3 days after my baseline.

So with that clean slate to start with we geared up for our July cycle.

We met with our IVF coordinator and we got our calendar. Shortly after our appointment all of the past emotions from our failed IVF cycle came flooding back (in lots of tears) and I realized that I hadn't fully healed. I am also very anxious and scared that it will all end up in a miscarriage again. I think every women who has struggled with infertility for a long period of time has that feeling that it will all end too soon. Those past and present feelings are known as "infertility PTSD."

I was supposed to have my baseline appointment on July 7, but since my ovaries have been asleep for 3 months my RE was worried that they wouldn't wake up. He put me on estrace (estradiol) to add in some estrogen to help them wake up. I was on that 7 days before my baseline appointment.

We had our baseline appointment on July 12, and since Chase was out of town and I had a friend come with me for moral support. When I got to my appointment I was physically shaking and anxious, and she was strong and helped calm me down. A few hours later my IVF coordinator called and said that things looked good and that we (I mean me) can start fertility injections the following day.

The downside to all medication is the side effects. The ones I've been experiencing this time around are: I'm bloated (called the "fertility meds bloat"), I'm feeling a bit happier (as I'm off of the depo-lupron shots), I'm feeling less forgetful (another depo-lupron side effect), I've been nauseous on and off, and I've been starving! I have also been way more emotional with everything, and I cry a lot more. I'm also not as bruised on my belly as much as I did the last time, which is nice, but it is still a tender area.

My goal throughout this treatment cycle is to stay strong ("I can do hard things" mantra), take one day at a time, and to my surprising be more patient (I'm gonna learn it one day or another).
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  1. I remember the bloat and the many bruises from the shots! I am truly hoping this new clean slate brings you your much prayed for baby!

    1. Thanks Daisy! It's definitely been a challenge this cycle to remember that clean slate! Thank you for your prayers!