Things That are My Favorite Running Gear

Friday, July 15

I'm sharing some of my favorite running gear that I pretty much always run with. They aren't always a necessity but if I'm running outside in the summer they are a must for me. My last day to be able to run is next Wednesday. It's my last day of high impact/high intensity activity until I'm given the all clear, but we're hopeful that I won't be given the all clear.

1. Spibelt - I seriously love this thing. I can easily hide it under my tank or shirt, and it hold my iPhone 6, and a few gels and chews. It's also perfect for traveling too to be able to hide cash, etc.

2. These running shorts - Run Eat Repeat shared a recommendation a few years ago on her favorite shorts, and I had to buy them because they are the longer "booty" shorts. (I'm sporting them below)

3. Sunglasses - I'm not so much a brand person, but I just have to have a good pair that will help shade my eyes from the sun.
4. My Altras - I switched to Altras a few years ago due to my constant IT band issue, and I haven't turned back. Though I do switch out for shoes that have heels if I'm running up hill, if I'm doing speed work or if I'm trail running.

5. Running watch - I got this watch for my birthday several years ago, and it has gone with me everywhere: London, California, Alaska, Florida, Nevada, and of course all around Utah. You travel and take your running gear with you. It is every runners necessity, right?

I'm linking up with Courtney, Mel and Cynthia for this week's Friday Five.

What is your favorite running gear?
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  1. Sunglasses, garmin vivoactive, and skirtsports. Sparkleskirts, too.

    1. I've never heard of skirtspots and just looked them up. Pretty cool.

  2. iPhone (I will get a running watch soon, I swear), headband, good running socks (I am prone to blisters), my running shoes, good running bra.

    1. I take my iphone with me too, but I put it in my spibelt. Good running socks are a must!

  3. Love this post :) Going to check out those shorts now!