Things that are My Favorite Relay Race Foods

Friday, June 10

It's been about 2 years since I have done a relay race - either an overnight relay or a day relay. I feel like I should mention that during that 2 year period of me running crazy relays, Chase and I were still trying to have children by ourselves. In 2013 we went to see our first Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE) who ran more in depth tests, and told us our only option would be IVF. At that point we didn't know what to do with that huge financial burden, so we took a break. Which meant that I would be running and trying to stay healthy. 

For a while I really enjoyed them, but then I realized that they pushed my body a little too much and I kept injuring myself. Mainly from not knowing how to train for a relay race.

Here are the relay races that I completed:
Top of Zion Relay (I ran in 109 degree heat) June 2013

Women of Steel Day Relay September 2013

 Las Vegas Ragnar November 2013

Rivalry Relay Day Relay September 2014

When you run a relay (either day or overnight) you try really hard to eat the foods that you know your body would be able to handle, and what food you have trained with. For whatever reason I would always have weird stomach issues - like always feeling I had to go #2. TMI? I hope not! ;)

Here are some of my favorites from those relay races:
1. Dr Pepper - I know what you are thinking, but its much needed on an overnight relay when you don't get a whole ton of sleep.
2. Chocolate Milk or Chocolate Almond Milk
3. Peanut M&M's
4. Cliff Energy Bars
5. Black Cherry Shot Blocks
6. Banana's - lots of those!
7. Chocolate Protein Shake (which I prefer Chocolate milk)
8. Fruit Leather
9. Candy - strawberry licorice
10. Water and lots of it! Especially if you run in 109 degree heat.

Have you ever ran a relay? If so, what one? If you haven't is there one that you would consider running? Would you ever consider running a relay race?

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  1. Earlier this year I ran a half marathon relay with 2 others that I really enjoyed. I'd love to do a Ragnar one day. I know having the right food and fuel is so important for those overnight races!

    1. Relay races are so tough! And I haven't been one to train very well for them. :$ food and fuel is so important.

  2. The only relay I ever did was a half marathon relay in Virginia Beach. It was so very hot and I don't think I ate much afterwards!