Things that are Training for a 10k Week ??

Sunday, May 22

I am not a failure. I have never been a failure. I have just made a lot of mistakes. Lets be real - we're all human, we aren't immortal, so we all make mistakes.

So I had this idea that I wanted to run a speedy 10k. I thought I had all this time for training. I thought I was super woman, and could do everything on my to-do list (house cleaning, dinner, dishes, laundry, running, working my full-time job, and working on advertising the fundraiser, etc). Well sometime in February I came down off of a ladder wrong and it messed up the back/side of my knee. I thought it had gotten better after a few weeks, because it wasn't hurting when I would walk. I started running after my miscarriage, and the knee pain was back. About a month or so ago I went to my chiropractor to try and get me back to running. That has what worked in the past to help get me back to running and staying injury free.

After several weeks working with him, it still hasn't improved. The pain doesn't hurt when I walk anymore, but only after I run. It doesn't matter how many miles I run, I will still get the pain. So until it fully heals, I won't be able to go running. Which is SO disheartening.

I've been pretty upset about it, BUT with all the fundraiser stuff going on I haven't made had time to exercise. So in a way it's made it a little easier, because I have another goal I'm working towards accomplishing. I've spent a LOT of my time after my full-time job, is designing flyers, talking to businesses about hanging our flyers up in their window, and I've been trying to advertise on any and all social media.

With that said, the fundraiser is going to rock our world! Chase and I (as well as several other people) have put so much time and effort into getting it awesome that it can only turn out awesome, right!?! Crossing our fingers that this will be a huge success.

I've turned my focus more on trying to raise this money instead of exercising. I know how important exercise is to me. I will get back to running as soon as I start feeling better - but with all injuries it will take time to heal. This to me is just a set back. I'm working on strength training while during the moments I don't feel so overwhelmed. I think when we have setbacks in life, we should always remember these things:

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