Things that are Have You Ever Noticed...

Tuesday, May 17

Have you ever noticed that when you watch a movie or TV show, the characters are not on social media? They aren't on YouTube watching videos, they aren't on Facebook playing games or scrolling through their news feed. They are actually living their lives and doing it without being "social" and actually being social with real human interaction.

Have you noticed that sometimes you may get a mean and nasty comment from someone who doesn't understand your life circumstances, but feels the need to tell you how to live your life, or how you shouldn't be living your life? All the while parked behind the screen of a computer or a smart phone. Thinking that they need to share their opinion willingly, without a thought that it would hurt that persons feelings.

Have you noticed that our society has moved from playing outside, being creative with our time, playing board games, puzzles, reading real physical books and magazines to all things technology and electronics?

Have you noticed that we live in a fast paced world? Our movies and TV shows have increased with speed. In one episode of a TV  show someone gets hurt and they are able to catch the bad guy in that same episode - when in reality life really isn't that way. We want more action, more drama. We want more, and are constantly on the go.

Have you noticed instead of talking to people in person, we started talking to each other on the phone, which in turn now the younger generation (millennials) are switching towards just texting whether that be on a phone or on through chatting online (Facebook messenger/Instagram messenger) instead of in person or on the phone.

Have you noticed that when you are on social media, you see pregnancy announcements, birth announcements, kids (who would have been your child's age if you hadn't miscarried) birthday parties, infertile friends after their 2nd IVF cycle and finding out they got pregnant and how you're on your 4th or 5th IVF cycle, one of your running friends qualify and get to go and run The Boston Marathon - you end up seeing things that have this negative effect on you. It can cause this comparison game inside you, which causes you to feel you are missing out on something.

So wanting more and having this mentality that we constantly need to be going 100% of the time, can really hurt our relationships. We sometimes though not intentionally ignore those around us, instead of building those bonds of friendship. Being on our smart phones and social media all day - we don't get a lot of interacting done with those around us. Which can negatively impact us by seeing and reading things that could play with our emotional baggage that we are carrying around.

I'm one of those that has to be going 100% of the time. There are only a few times where I'm not that way; I'm either sick, at church, or a doctor says I can't (Princess Days). Chase has told me over and over again to just sit down and relax. When I first joined Instagram I felt this need to constantly check my feed and "like" every picture I saw. I got so overwhelmed with the need to "stay on top" of my feed. Crazy right? I felt that way about blogs I followed too. I felt the need to read every post and stay on top of it all. But you know what? I felt SO overwhelmed with trying to stay on top of what everyone else was doing, rather then being able to focus on my own relationships, especially my relationship with my spouse. 

We shouldn't fee this need to stay on top of our news feeds. We shouldn't worry about stupid, dumb criticizing comments - when they were probably just looking for a rise out of us. We should be putting our phones down and living our lives without social media. Remember there was a time when there wasn't Facebook or even MySpace, let alone Instagram or Pinterest.

Chase made a change a couple of years ago and vowed to never get on Facebook ever again. Since then, he's not missed it one bit - because he stayed in contact with the people that really mattered most. There have been lots of comments to Chase getting off of Facebook saying: "oh, that's a really great idea - but I don't think I could do that," or "that's a great idea - but that's how I stay in contact with family and friends," or "that's a great idea - but I'm on a few support group pages" (that last one was one I said to him). I hope you get my point. Those people think their social lives revolve around social media - but your social life shouldn't be one that revolves around a computer or a smart phone.

Do you think you could go a day or even a few days without worrying about your news feed? Do you think you could go a day or even a few days without worrying about posting new content on social media - and that includes blogs AND Pinterest? Let's make a change and go a day without getting on social media - heck! throw in not watching TV too and see how productive your day can be!

Remember that our lives don't need to revolve around staying on top of what everyone else is doing, because frankly we see a lot of the stuff that we want (babies, being able to pay for endless IVF cycles, pregnant ladies, etc) but the only way to get the stuff we want is by working hard and living our lives, being with those that really matter - not viewing everyone else's lives.
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  1. I left FB and never looked back but I am constantly on my IG's like I left one and picked up another...I loved this post! Such a great idea to refocus our time and energy on the people around us instead of the apps!

    1. Awesome you aren't on FB. I definitely use IG more than FB. I definitely think there's a time and place for social media, and know how beneficial it is for us to support other #ttc ladies!

  2. We have both stepped back dramatically from the whole social media thing. There are days when I check emails but never get on FB, twitter or Instagram. I do think living life wih those around you is waaaay more important than interacting on SM and getting likes, followers etc. Great post.

    1. Thanks! I think it's so important to see what is really worth it in life. To get likes and comments from people you don't know? Or to spend good quality time with loved ones? There is definitely a time and a place for both.

  3. This year I realized I was becoming so obsessed with reading every blog and commenting. I was taking away from quality time with my hubby, friends, and family. Since then I stopped and feel so much better. I would seriously stress out if I missed a blog post from certain people.

    1. I was the same way. I felt such a part of their lives that I felt FOMO 😁 from reading their blogs. It's amazing how stepping back can really help see what is really a must in our lives!