Things that are National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW): April 24-30

Sunday, April 24

This week is National Infertility Awareness Week #niaw (April 24-30). Its the beginning of talking about infertility and spreading awareness. It's the beginning of sharing your story with friends and family. It's the beginning of having friends/family who haven't struggled as us questions to help them be more aware of what we're struggling with. We are more than just #1in8, we are those that want to become parents (or are parents due to miscarriage) let's be more than a statistic this week. Let's be the ones to spread awareness, hope, love and that we are strong and can do hard things.

Last year I posted a few good helpful tips for those who don't know what to say to those struggling with infertility.

As always you can view my post on "Things you SHOULD say to an infertile couple"

I feel like more and more people who don't suffer from infertility are starting to know more about infertility and are becoming aware. And that is absolutely great! BUT, at the same time those people who know about infertility, don't necessarily know how to say something to us in a more positive light. I definitely have heard my share of advice, and it's always "you should do this..." or "you should try that..." and that is always negative in my eyes.
I think Resolve has done so much for the infertility community over the years; with support groups all over the country and a website with constant updates (don't forget about other social media sites), pushing us to be more of an advocate over our own fertile health with advocacy day, and definitely spreads hope to all that we CAN have a family if we choose.

THIS WEEK I want to challenge you to share anything related to infertility on social media (any platform), blogs, texts, etc. It could even be adding in the #1in8 hashtag to a post about you, creating a whole blog post on #niaw or sharing a blog post or an article on infertility with friends and family.

Like I said before, let's make us more than a statistic, because we are. We are people battling a horrible disease, who have feelings and want to be supported in our efforts to become parents.
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  1. I know what you mean. As someone going through infertility, people seem to have this view that "if you just relax it'll happen". Of which they can't guarantee. For every story of someone giving up and getting miraculously pregnant after years of nothing, I'd say there are several more who gave up and never got pregnant anyway.

    And then there are those who ask what's the big deal? Why not just adopt? I feel like they don't know what they're talking about. They make it sound as if you can just stroll in, point at a kid on assembly line, and say, "that one please" and all is well.

    I'm glad to see blogs like this spreading awareness. Living in Japan and dealing with infertility here has shown me that the issues aren't much different in whichever country you are in.

    Best of luck to you.

    1. Thanks for commenting! I totally agree about the "why don't you just adopt" because adoption costs money too, and there is NO guarantee on taking home a baby or a child. I think ladies living all over the world experience the same feelings.