Things that are Depo-Lupron and a Few Updates

Thursday, April 7

I wanted to give an update on what's been going on with us since we decided we were going to pay cash for our 2nd IVF cycle coming up in July.

I got my first Depo-Lupron shot Friday April 1, to help reduce the endometriosis that is all up in my insides. Thankfully my insurance covers the Depo-Lupron shot. And.. I somehow got a co-pay coupon to use, and it will cover $120 of what my normal co-pay would be. They told me I just needed to pay $10, so that will be $30 total for the 3-Depo-Lupron shots. YAY!

There are of course a few side effects that come with the Depo-Lupron shot, and those definitely are ones that I don't really care for: 
**Depression - I have been in a weird funk ever since I miscarried, I guess Vitamin B12 deficiency runs in the family, and I'm getting that checked out in a few weeks. For the past week, I have been taking a B Complex twice a day to help me have more energy and feel better emotionally.
**Crying for no reason - I did that the other night and poor Chase had no idea what to do with me.
**Weird lady cramps - Which sometimes stop me dead in my tracks, and can be pretty painful. The clinic had mentioned that it would get worse before it gets better. Right now it happens throughout the day, I'm hoping that the cramping will subside.
**Memory loss/Forgetfulness - I have been overly forgetful the past week, and I was like that being on all the fertility drugs in January too. I seriously have to write everything down, and say things a few times just to remember.
**I'm sure there are a few others that I can't remember (see previous side effect) and thankfully I haven't had any hot flashes.

Chase and I have saved up $3,100 on our own the first month! {insert fist bump here} One thing to note: We didn't go out to eat for the entire month of March, and I only spent $130 on food for 3 adults (my little sister is living with us). I haven't bought any new clothes, and Chase and I have been driving for Uber (which has been a great supplemental income). I guess what I'm trying to get at is that we are doing our part at saving up money. This is not a joking matter for me, I'm not looking for handouts, I'm looking for help, and with that help, along with Chase and I working hard at saving on our own, we should be able to complete our goal. If Chase and I are able to save up all that we can on our own, without help from friends and family, we would only be able to save around $8,000. So whatever you are able to donate will be a huge contribution!

I started taking my supplements again. I heard/read somewhere that it could take 60-90 days for the supplements to actually start working on my ovaries. So I decided it was worth it to start them (and got it cleared from my RE) again in hope that it will help me to have better eggs. If you would like to read about what I take you can in this previous post.

We met with the IVF Financial Coordinator and she gave us a cost breakdown of what we roughly need to reach on our own.
Self Pay Cycle Fee - $7,900
ICSI - $1,700
Medications - $3-6,000
Anesthesia - $350 cash
                   =$12,950-$15,950 (that's with the range of the fertility meds)

Our fundraising event is moving forward and I'm getting really excited! We have really good things planned for it, and Chase and I keep praying that it will work out and be able to raise awareness as well as raise money to help us and hopefully another couple. I will definitely release news and more as things start rolling along.

Who wouldn't want to help these two goofballs?! ;)

Please visit the event page for the fundraiser on Facebook.

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  1. Wow can't believe you guys were able to raise that much money!! That is true dedication right there!

    1. The great thing is that doesn't include any money that family and friends have donated. I'm really surprised, because that was more than what we budgeted we'd save. When I've got my mind set on something I'm always determined to win.