Things that are Our IVF Journey Take Two

Sunday, March 20

So after what felt like a forever long wait, we finally had our #WTC or #WTF chat with our RE.

Here are some things that we discussed:

He told me what he thinks happened with the failed IVF cycle - That when the embryo went to attach to the uterus, it attached near a blood vessel. Which is why I experienced a lot of bleeding a week after embryo transfer (ET), and thinking that I started my period. That week that my numbers were high on Monday (February 8) but then dropped that Friday (February 12), my RE said that the placenta wasn't able to attach strong enough to the uterus. Which caused it to dislodge and he thinks that's why my hCG numbers dropped in between Monday and Friday.

I asked to be tested to see if I could possibly have something that would cause recurrent miscarriages and my mom had a few miscarriages so that's why I'm a little concerned. I don't want to spend thousand of dollars and then learn that I have something that could cause me to miscarry. After our meeting they drew up labs for those tests and took at least 6 vials (I'm thinking that there was more), then called the next day and told me I had to come back in to get 4 more vials drawn up. These are just a few of the tests that they told me they were going to run: antiphospholipids, MTHFR, antithrombin, and factor V.

My RE suggested that instead of getting laparoscopic surgery, which could cost thousands of dollars, that we try a depo-lupron shot. The monthly shot suppresses the pituitary gland, which will stop the ovaries from producing estrogen to help suppress the endometriosis and help it to not grow more. I guess endometriosis likes to feed off of the estrogen produced by the ovaries. When I start the shots for the next 3 months, he said I will have menopause like symptoms (aka hot flashes, and probably several other symptoms).
Doing these two things will help us be ready to start another fresh IVF cycle in July. And hopefully get us more eggs to work with and maybe have a few embryos to freeze.

Chase and I have done everything that we could to pay for all of our tests and treatments up to this point, selling a lot of stuff including Chase's beloved motorcycle, being on a "rice and beans" budget for food, and saving everything that we can. We feel strongly that we shouldn't go into debt in order to pay for this next IVF cycle. We can save up a really good portion of what we need for our cycle, but unfortunately it still won't be enough. That's why we are going to have a fundraiser to hopefully raise the rest of the money that we won't be able to save up on our own. We have a lot of family and friends that live out of town who would love to help but probably won't be able to make it. So Chase and I created a Go Fund Me page.
Both Chase and I are very hopeful for our upcoming IVF cycle, our RE is hopeful too, which just gives us more hope (I mean he's seen a lot of success, right?!). It's really hard for me to ask people for help (hello pride talking - I'm the type of person who wants to do it on my own). I know there are lots of people who struggle and who want to help but maybe feel they aren't able to, and that's okay, I understand. We would love any help that you could give us - whether that is prayers, donations or sharing our journey with others.

If you live close by and would like to donate to our yard sale in June, message me.
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  1. Sounds like your appointment was super informative. We never went for our follow up appt since they called to tell us everything over the phone. I'll keep you guys in my prayers and if you need anything, you know how to reach me! :)

    1. It was so great to have that appointment. Because I was thinking one thing and the doc said something completely different, and it made a lot of sense.

      Thanks for the prayers Daisy! I will definitely be keeping you in the loop! :)