Things that are #Microblog Monday: Quote to Live By

Monday, March 21

This quote is by Dave Ramsey. If you don't know who Dave Ramsey is - he's the guy that helps you pay off debt in order to become wealthy. His reasoning for this quote is to help adults stick to a plan (paying off debt, saving for retirement, saving for a vacation, etc) and follow it, instead of acting like children and doing what feels good at that moment. But of course this quote can go in any direction you choose, and these are my thoughts on the quote.

Growing up, I did what felt good to me. When I wanted to get ice cream, I got ice cream. When I had a bad day I would go shopping, or go get a drink at the gas station (yes, I am a big Dr Pepper fan). I always thought that buying this shirt will make me happy, or telling myself that I'll feel better after I workout or going for a run. But that isn't always the case, and it doesn't always work - hello feeling guilty for having another drink with caffeine in it or feeling guilty for actually spending money on that shirt. I should probably not be living like that at all, it's not healthy to have that mindset, but I think the majority of people live with the mentality that "doing what feels good" is needed for them in order to be happy. 

So I'm an adult now - though sometimes I really wish I didn't have responsibilities that adults have. Life was so much simpler as a child, and maybe that's why we always want to be kids again (please tell me that's not just me?!). 

So there are a few things that I'm doing by stepping up and becoming an adult:

1. I'm saying no to letting my money control me and I'm starting to control my money, by setting budgets and working towards becoming debt free... which leads to
2. We are going to come up with a plan to pay for our next cycle of IVF with cash instead of on credit or getting a loan (because I don't want another loan). 
3. I've created a training plan and will try and follow it more than my past training - because lets get real I have a huge goal in mind (running an 8:30 pace for any race - prefer a 10k or higher). I'll talk more on that later since it will need to be broken down into smaller steps.

Realizing that creating a plan and following it is just like goal setting, but this is a more detailed plan that is written down and followed. This isn't your typical "resolution" that you see at the beginning of the year. This is a serious (you are sick of things being this way, kind of serious) plan that you will stick to.
What are some goals that you are planning on sticking to?

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  1. So awesome. These are great goals! I love Dave!

    1. Thanks Caroline! I'm glad there's another Dave lover. :)

  2. I'm currently trying to drink 9 cups of water a day. Next I'm going to work on getting more sleep.

    I like his idea of creating a plan, but living life prepping for the future vs. living in the moment?... Surely there must be a balance, right?

    1. Sleep and hydration are SO important. I think there is always improvement in both of those.

      There is definitely a balance to all things, but I think creating a plan is the start and then you can have the freedom to live in the moment based on the plan you have set for yourself. If that makes sense?

  3. I'm trying to stick to an exercise programme right now. Like Mel, I also need to work on getting more, and more regular, sleep.

    1. That's great you are working at sticking to an exercise program! If you need a cheerleader I'm here for you! I think we all could use a few more minutes/hours of shuteye. :)