Things that are Starting IVF: Egg Retrieval

Wednesday, February 3

After we triggered ovulation on Sunday night at 10 p.m. on the dot. The clinic gave me a list of things I had to do before my retrieval appointment.

First time ever seeing a positive pregnancy test - too bad it was only the hCG trigger shot

- Call the office with results for the urine pregnancy test (they want to make sure that the hCG trigger shot worked) on Monday.
- Chase was to take Ciprofloxacin (antibiotic) Monday.
- Vinegar and water douche before bed Monday night.
- Vinegar and water douche before going to my appointment.
- We had to be there 30 minutes early.

So I couldn't eat or drink anything after 2 a.m., I couldn't wear contacts, no make up, no perfume and no lotions before the procedure. The eggs are sensitive to all the smelly stuff.

When I got to the appointment my stomach was growling, and I was SO thirsty. I forgot to mention that the whole week that I was on fertility drugs, I was drinking almost 120 ounces of water a day. Seriously, who needs THAT much water? and I still felt partially dehydrated with that much too! So I was a little worried that I wouldn't do well with the anesthesia because I had an empty stomach.

The anesthesiologist brought me back, I used the restroom for the last time, and I changed into a gown. Once dressed he got my all hooked up with the IV, and even numbed the area before putting the IV in. He did it so easily, and am actually surprised he got a vain since I hadn't had any water since before 10pm the night before. Once I had the IV in I felt a cold sensation go up my arm, it wasn't painful, thankfully, but I did start feeling loopy. Chase was escorted out of the room, and my RE, and his assistant came in. I remember talking to them about my socks (I had bought Iron Man socks - and Chase wore his that he has), while the anesthesiologist put an oxygen mask on my face, and that's the last thing I remember...

I woke up about 40 minutes later and the anesthesiologist is taking my mask off, he got my things and took them to another room, and then came back for me and helped me walk to that other room. He got a heating pad for me and put that on my belly, and got me a blanket, then went to go get Chase. Maybe I was just a little out of it, but he was an awesome anesthesiologist. Our RE came in and said how many eggs he was able to retrieve, which was 8; and told me he's 90% sure I have endometriosis based on where my uterus was, and it being all twisted and turned. I asked him about the cyst that I had on my ovary and he said he was able to drain it, and that it was about 2cm big.

We went home, and I ate breakfast, and went to take a nap, which only lasted a short time due to a very full bladder. I stayed awake after that and just relaxed and made sure I had plenty of Tylenol in me. A friend offered to bring us dinner, which was nice to not have to cook.

It wasn't until the next few days where I wasn't feeling 100%. I was sluggish at work and just felt overall crappy. I made sure I was drinking plenty of fluids (like 120 ounces a day), which included electrolytes, and protein to stave off Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS). OHSS causes your ovaries to become swollen and painful, and can cause rapid weight gain, abdominal pain, and a few other symptoms, and can potentially put a women in the hospital if left untreated. I finally felt better by Sunday.

The following day, which happened to be a Wednesday, we got the fertilization report from the embryologist. She said that out of the 8, 6 were mature, and 4 fertilized. So we only had 4 to work with. Chase and I made an effort to pray hard that they made it to day 5.

It felt like the longest wait from Wednesday to Friday, and then I hadn't heard anything at lunchtime so I called. I was so impatient and had all this energy built up inside of me from the anxiety, my boss told me to go "walk" around the building. I didn't walk entirely around the building, but I did walk to one end and ended up running back (shh, don't tell), and surprisingly enough it helped a lot. I waited about an hour before my IVF coordinator called me with the results. She said all 4 were still growing, I had 2 at 6 cells, 1 at 8 cell, and 1 at 9 cell. I was so relieved that we still had 4 embroys (or embabies as I like to call them) that we could work with and hopefully have 2 to freeze. They don't grade the embryos till day 5 so I don't remember what they were. She told me when embryo transfer would be, Sunday at 2:30.
The beautiful sunrise on Friday morning

It was during the wait from Friday to Sunday (when our transfer was scheduled), that I had this weird feeling like I had babies, but I couldn't take the babies home with me. I felt like I was a mom to these embabies, and I seriously teared up because I couldn't be with them. Maybe it was all the fertility drugs making me emotional? I'm still not sure.
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  1. I am hoping your IVF was a success. I have been in your shoes and infertility can be so lonely and painful. My husband and I had the same issues you and your hubby seem to be having. If your IVF did not work I am wiling to let you know some hints regarding diet etc that changed everything for us. I now have 3 beautiful children. One of them is an IVF baby the other two were conceived after changing some things that made all the difference. Pregnant or not I wish you the very best. Blessings to you

    1. To be honest, it was lonely when we first started trying. Now it's not as bad. Thanks for your support. :)