Things that are Dopey Challenge Week 12 and end of taper!

Sunday, January 3

Monday: Did a circuit workout with my sister, which consisted of squat jumps, lunges, burpees, cross jumps, squats, knee ups, step ups with weights, squats with medicine ball. Basically a lot of different exercises. We were supposed to do 2 sets of each of those, and ended up doing 1. My legs were so sore after that I'm glad I only did 1 set. 

Tuesday: Ran 4.33 miles on the treadmill. There's enough snow out on the ground still, that I don't feel like hurting myself a week before running Dopey. :S

Wednesday: Rest Day

Thursday: Ran 3.24 miles on the indoor track. There weren't enough treadmills available to use, so I opted for the track. I was surprised at how many people were there in the gym. Chase had said that it's probably everyone starting their resolutions early that will most likely end in 2 weeks. Which is probably true.
This is what going to the gym in the winter looks like, warm on top, cold legs on the bottom

Friday: Turned into a Rest Day - does it count if I took Christmas decorations down? That's exercise right?! ;)

Saturday: I did 20 minutes of low weight lifting (bicep curls, triceps, butterflies, etc), with Chase. I'm not supposed to be lifting over 20lbs per the upcoming IVF cycle. I then jumped on the elliptical and did 30 minutes and moved 2.68 miles. I'm not sure if elliptical miles count as running miles. Though it's probably more of cross training, I still think a mile is a mile, even if my legs aren't impacted 100% by it.

Sunday: Rest Day

Total Miles For the Week: 10.25
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