Things that are Thinking Out Loud and the 100th post!

Thursday, December 10

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1. I haven't started putting up my Christmas decorations... Like nothing is up, I haven't even taken down my Thanksgiving decorations. It's really horrible, but I'm just not into it this year. I'll probably get my Christmas Tree up this weekend, but that might be all I put up as far as decorations go.

2. Training for a marathon aka The Dopey Challenge is really hard, and I can't wait for taper to begin. Running is hard, but when you are training for races it should be exciting not dreadful. I think I am just saying things like this it means I am just tired, and physically exhausted.

3. I've only written a 100 posts in over a year, and today's a celebration.

4. I've got a lot of infertility related things that have happened in the past month and need to blog about it. It's exciting and scary at the same time!

5. My favorite show is Dr. Who. and the Weeping Angels scare me the most. If you want to see them watch the episode "Blink," and you'll see why - and you thought the below picture was enough! ;)

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  1. Congrats on the 100th post :) And hello from Las Vegas! I too have been going through infertility. 1 year trying... Not super long but long enough to have me freaking out a bit. I find myself obsessing and googling everything imaginable regarding infertility. I'm glad I came across your blog. It's much better than reading ovulation forums :P Good luck with the rest of your Dopey training and treatments... I'm sure you will have some good baby news soon!!

    1. Thanks! There are a lot of great blogs that I have found. One in particular is called I would love to be a support for you if you need it. Just keep me updated! :)