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Saturday, December 19

After our 3rd failed IUI cycle (you can read about my experience here about our first IUI), our RE wanted to meet up with us and chat. It was only a month to get in to see him again after the 3rd failed IUI.

This is what we talked about:

There are three pieces, the sperm, the egg, and the uterus. The semen analysis took care of the sperm part, The IUI focused on the eggs and getting some good eggs for the sperm. But because the IUI's kept failing there was a possible problem with the egg meeting the sperm. My RE said that he doesn't think my tubes are working correctly or, that I could have endometriosis, or it could also be related to my uterus being all twisted and turned. He said the next step would be In Vitro Fertilization or better known as IVF. Because I have low ovarian reserve (not enough eggs for my age), the RE recommended that I be put on tons of vitamins and the like (which I will post about later). It's pretty gross how many I have to take 3-4 times a day!

Because I am running the Dopey Challenge, Chase and I felt the need to schedule IVF for after the challenge so I won't compromise the procedure. High impact exercise will effect the procedure. Would you want to compromise a $15,000 procedure? That's a ton of money! I definitely do not want to, so I'm following doctors orders! :)

A week after meeting with our RE he wanted me to do a water ultrasound (and yes, it had to coincide with my cycle as well, and needed to be shortly after aunt flo's visit). A water ultrasound is where they inject sterile saline into the uterus to see if there are any polyps or fibroids, or any abnormalities. I started by looking it up online (way to go Tedi!) and found a whole lot of crap (seriously, though). I got SUPER nervous because of what I went through with the HSG a few years ago, and read that it was basically the same thing. So I got worried that it was going to be just as painful (they also gave me a vallium for the HSG).

So this is what my clinic did - Insert the speculum (you know the "duck bill"), insert catheter into the cervix, remove speculum, insert "the wand" and then push a bunch of sterile saline (and feel it all drip down your bum {gotta be real here}), then remove wand, and remove catheter = The End. The procedure itself wasn't too painful, but I started cramping really bad afterwards even with the Tylenol I had taken a half hour before the procedure. **Side note, be sure to use the extra big pads they give you, you will want it.

We then had to meet with the IVF coordinator for our RE. I was kind of zoned out (due to the procedure mentioned above), and thankfully Chase asked a lot of questions. They gave us my calendar of how my IVF cycle will potentially roll out. I start giving myself 2 injections a day and then reach 5 injections a day for a total of 12 days. There are a lot of smaller things that are mixed in there, and I'm sure I will have a lot more questions for my coordinator later. But that is basically the overview of IVF.

For now, it's getting with my insurance and making sure we will be able to pay a $3,000 up front deposit (some, if not most of their patients have to pay the full amount up front the day of their baseline appointment {First day of their cycle}). We are very lucky that we will be able to have some coverage from the insurance. But it still is going to be a very expensive procedure.

I will be sure to post updates on the progress, and you will most likely see me post pictures of the process on Instagram.

Disclaimer: Just remember that my experience isn't going to be the same as the next person's experience. The meds will be different, the cost will be different, the support will be different, and your body is different than mine.  
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  1. Tedi I want to wish you the best of luck on your IVF journey. It has its ups and downs all thanks to the crazy amount of hormones you'll be on. But in the end I hope you get that baby of yours. Sadly our IVF journey ended last week. We are still processing the information that was given to us but we are heart broken and devastated. Not sure if I'll blog about it yet since it is so raw, but just wanted to say thank you for your thoughts and prayers for us during this time. It meant a lot. I truly hope this works out for you. You deserve that baby. :)

    1. Thank you Daisy! I'm so sorry your cycle failed. :( I would definitely be heartbroken and upset as well. I will still keep you in my thoughts and prayers! :)