Things that are #Microblog Monday: Finding Faith

Monday, November 30

The past few weeks I have been focusing my studies and really pondering faith. I am preparing a lesson for this next Sunday in Church, and this is the topic that I have chosen: Having Faith in Christ during trials. At one point I felt my faith had left me and my hope was gone. So as a last resort I went and talked with my Bishop and he suggested reading a talk from April 2009 General Conference on Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. It has been a great talk for me to read and reread.

The other day I was on Instagram and one of the runners that I follow who has also struggled with infertility posted this quote:

I'm hoping that my studying and pondering what faith is and how I can start applying it will help me be stronger and to trust in God more.

I'm linking up with Stirrup Queen's #MicroblogMonday

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  1. Thank you for this wonderful quote. It reinstates for me that God is looking after me.

    1. That's so great! I'm glad you loved the quote.

  2. May you find the faith you're looking for through words and studies.

  3. This is a great quote, and a great reminder especially when facing tough circumstances and decisions in life. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Lisa! Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for stopping by! :)