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Wednesday, November 4

It started a while ago... I knew Chase needed to lose weight, I really wanted him to be fit and healthy (and run a marathon with me - but that's a whole different story), but he honestly didn't have any motivation to become fit and lose much needed weight. At the end of May/early June he was talking to a friend in his office and asked him how he was able to lose weight. He said he was on a low carb diet, and that helped him lose weight along with going to the gym and working out. Chase kept talking to him every now and then, and finally asked the specifics of how he went about doing that.

I'm not sure at what point he decided to take the plunge... Chase said had a feeling like he needed to lose the weight, and I think talking to his friend was just the motivation he needed to move forward with it. Chase talked to me about him wanting to change, and I said I was on board and would find low carb recipes to help both of us. We said we would give up bread, pasta and pizza (the 3 things that I love) but we had to have at least one indulgence for us and that would be our diet soda. 

The few things that we did to help us:

I created menu plans for us (follow my Pinterest board if you want to see what kinds of things we ate) based on my Pinterest board. We also ate the same things for breakfast and lunch everyday. We had 1/2 a serving of oatmeal with a tablespoon of peanut butter, and a tablespoon of brown sugar for breakfast. Occasionally Chase would have a two egg white and cheese omelet.  For lunch we would either have leftovers or have cottage cheese and carrots, with pretzels. For breakfast on the weekends we would have eggs, and turkey bacon.

The first few weeks were difficult, BUT it got easier as we kept at it. We focused more on portion size/serving size rather than what to NOT eat. Chase and I often would share a meal if we were eating out, because the serving size and calorie amount was huge, and it cut the calories in half when we did this, AND we felt satisfied. We also would try and drink a glass of water before and after our meals. If you are really full from eating you won't be able to drink a full glass of water after a meal - that was a good determining factor.

Chase wasn't doing this for a diet, he had to create a lifestyle change. He knew he needed to change and he knew it was going to take time. It also was important that I was on board for this change.

We had a few healthy snacks - we really like pretzels, and would just eat the serving size indicated (it would say between 17-20 pretzels for a serving). We also had almonds (low carb and have protein to help keep you full) and carrots.

We had "screw it days" because there are days/times that you really just want to eat. all. the. things. That's perfectly fine to have these days... Just don't allow them to creep back into being the "norm."

We used an app called "My Fitness Pal" which determined what our calorie intake would be each day - and it would recalculate if we exercised. It based everything on our height, weight, and age to determine our calorie goal. Mine was about 1,910 calories per day, to give you an idea. If I ran say 3 miles, it would give me a few extra hundred calories for the day.

Chase did a lot of research and reading articles on eating and being healthy. He turned that lifestyle change into a passion, and now loves talking about it, and tries to help and explain to others how he has lost so much weight, and still was able to eat his beloved licorice and diet soda.

 Now you know what he did, so you are probably wondering how much weight he lost...

As of today he has lost a total of 38 pounds. He started at 228, and is now at 190. You can clearly see a difference in the below picture. The photo to the left was March of 2014, and the photo to the right is September 2015. 

***Chase and I both have a real problem with the word "DIET". It's a horrible word. Diet is something that is short term, a change in lifestyle is long term. Does that make sense?

***It has also helped that I was on board with it all. I think it's really hard when one person in a couple wants to change, but the other has no interest in it. It makes it harder, and possibly more expensive because you are having to buy food for you and for the other person.

Disclaimer: I am not a health professional (though I have taken lots of classes on nutrition/anatomy, etc.) and would suggest talking to your doctor to first to determine the proper way to go about losing weight. 
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