Things that are Five Ways to Stay Healthy during Holidays

Friday, November 13

I've been thinking about this lately. I am realizing that after posting about Chase's weight loss journey, that we are getting closer and closer to the holiday season. Where you want to eat All. The. Foods.

I know that's how I've been thinking lately. I keep thinking "How am I going to survive? when I want to eat everything yummy?" Training for the Dopey Challenge over Christmas allows me to eat more calories, but I don't want to eat like crap. I know my body doesn't like crap food. Especially sugary treats.

So here's my plan and what I think would help to try to stay on track with the holiday's:

1. Continue to Exercise. That may seem like a "no, duh" but as the time grows closer to Christmas, there are more parties, and people to visit, and things that take up a lot of time. Exercising is probably at the bottom of your to-do list, or not at all on the list. Just remember to throw in some "Me" time, or run a Turkey Trot like I love to do each year!

2. Schedule Your Time. Plan for things that you want to do/need to do during the next few weeks. Having a plan is so much easier than not having anything written down and/or overbooking dates. Plus it allows you to add in those much needed runs/exercise. I am constantly setting reminders for me on my phone, and that helps me remember those things that I like to forget.

3. Keep Moving. Walking around the mall, shopping for gifts, taking a treat to a neighbors, etc. I need to stay active instead of sitting on the couch watching TV and movies or blogging.

4. It's Not About the Food. Though I love all the holiday foods, the cheese balls, the truffles, the chocolate, the eggnog, etc. I need to keep it in check that it's okay to not feel the need to eat all. the. foods.

I need to also remember:

5. Drink up! Keeping my water intake up, and drinking water before and after a meal/snack will help me to not eat so much.

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  1. scheduling everything is important! if i don't have a run actually worked in to my planner, i feel fine skipping it. i actually went out and got a paper planner so that i have to write things down, just because the physical process of writing it makes me commit to it that much more!

    1. Glad it's not just me that has to schedule runs in! :)

  2. excellent tips!! hope you have a great holiday! :)