Things That Are The Dreaded Two Week Wait

Monday, October 26

Does it ever feel that when you are hopeful for something to happen the weeks seem to go by super slow? Like when you are a little kid, and you are excited for Christmas the next morning, you end up staying up all night, and not being able to fall asleep? Or, when you are getting ready to go on the vacation of a lifetime, and it's a week away, and you cannot. stop. thinking. about it?

Regardless of all the anticipation, what do you do when you are trying to be hopeful, (but are scared out of your mind at the same time) but need to stay busy to keep your mind off of it?

Well, this is what I have done the past week-ish:

-I have worked: I work about 40 hours a week, and while at work, I listen to podcasts and try and focus on other things I have more control over - because I obviously don't have control over whats going on down in the reproductive area, if you know what I mean.

-I have gone exercising: Last week I went to Barre, Piyo, Biking, and Swimming/Swim Jogging. This week I have done Barre, taken the dog for a walk, and went to a spin class.

-I have written way more on the blog than I normally do - which is definitely a plus.

-I have started planning my trip to Orlando in January for the Dopey Challenge.

- I have been on Instagram WAY more than I should be (@runningwithinfertility1).

-I made homemade Kettle Corn that I found on Pinterest (@tdearmon if you wanna follow - cause I saved that recipe) that turned out to be yummy, and way easy!

-I've watched WAY too much TV. I finished off White Collar and have been catching up on Bones. I have been trying to stay current on Dr. Who, and Once Upon a Time, which has turned into a Sunday Tradition for us.

-I cleaned out the garden - and will be getting rid of the raspberry bush (it didn't bear fruit at all this year) including the roots, sometime this week.

-Going to church on Sunday's for 3 hours, plus a long meeting on Wednesday nights for my church calling.

-Had family dessert night and met my bro's new girlfriend.

-Trying to stay positive! It's definitely hard to try and stay positive after so many failed cycles (IUI's and non-IUI's). I've never seen that double pink line on a pregnancy test. So for me to stay positive is truly a must.

I did a little searching around the internet and found some stuff to help you if you are having trouble finding stuff to do during your own 2WW:

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Ten Tips for Surviving the Two Week Wait

What are some things that you do to stay busy during a time where you need to be more patient?
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  1. Praying for you. Just found your blog thru your comment on HRG. I went through infertility, and could relate (years ago). One of the things that got me through, besides prayer, was working on adopting at the same time. I needed to know I was making progress towards having a family. I now have 3 kids. My son is adopted, and the girls are biological. God has your family plan mapped out! Hang in there--

    1. Thank you Cheryl! We haven't quite considered adoption, but I'm feeling like it's going to be happening sooner rather than later.

  2. Love this! Trials can be sooo hard but staying positive is key along with lots of faith and prayers! Keep staying positive and I am sure things will work out for you! Although waiting is no fun!

    1. Thanks Becky! The waiting game is never fun, no matter what you are waiting for.