Things learned from my first IUI

Sunday, September 13

If you haven't already heard...

I got a negative beta test (pregnancy blood test) when I went in to the fertility clinic. My hCG level was a 1.82 (anything below a 5 is negative). I knew it was going to be negative because that same day, I started bleeding, and the cramps were really bad. I know they say that you can get cramping and bleeding, but this just didn't seem like I could be pregnant.

I thought I was okay the day I got the beta test done, but then it hit me the following day, and I was pretty upset and extremely emotional. I guess I was just in shock!


For our next IUI I decided that I want to be more ready, by remembering a few things I learned from my first IUI:

**Being Mentally Prepared - An IUI is pretty crampy, and if you aren't prepared or know how to breath through them, they can be pretty painful. This also helped with the nervousness I was feeling all the way to the clinic.

**The pain from injecting myself with the hCG shot was actually from the medicine and not that I injected myself incorrectly. And it's okay to massage the injection site to help ease the pain - and it may help the pain go away faster.

**To have a full/semi full bladder upon getting the IUI done. The nurse that did our IUI said that it would help with finding the cervix, and elongating it so its easier for the catheter to go in. 

**That each IUI cycle is going to be different - one month it may not be as painful and the next may be extremely crampy.

**Needing to think more positive thoughts (having hope), visualize implantation, eat pineapple every day for a week (can't hurt can it?! It's been told that it helps with implantation), and just go about my daily activities and incorporate more stress reducing exercises into my routine.

Now onto IUI #2:

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  1. I am hoping the second round goes better Tedi! We have our first appointment for IVF next month. I've definitely changed my way of thinking in preparation for it. Trying to be as posit and stress free as possible. You will definitely be in my prayers!!

    1. Daisy! Good luck with your appointment! I will pray that everything goes well for you with your IVF appointment next month! :) Thanks for the prayers! :)