Things that are Friday Five: Things I’ll be Doing in 5 Years

Friday, August 21

The year will be 2020 in 5 years. I'm linking up with Mar, Cynthia, and Courtney for the weekly Friday Five.

1. Become a mom - yes this may change if things don't work out with our IUI cycles. But either way we'll be closer at least knowing what's going on with us.

2. Be faster at running - I am working towards it now with strength training and weekly speed workouts. I may have to get with a trainer to help me learn how to do speed work properly and for my body - since it likes to be injured a lot.

3. Becoming debt free. Chase and I are working hard towards that now, it is something that we have been wanting for quite some time.

4. Running another Marathon or two (I'll decide next month if I like them or not). I definitely would love to do more half marathons.

5. Going to Zions National Park and hiking Angels Landing, hiking to the top of Timpanogos Mountain, AND maybe Hike down to Havasupai in Arizona (it has been on my bucket list for several years now).
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  1. I read a hike recap of the Angels Landing trail and it looks so intense! I would love to do that for the view, but I'm also a little spooked by the narrow spots. I just Googled Havasupai and I recognized it from the photos -- so gorgeous! I'm going to have to put that on my travel to-do list. :)

    1. I have lived in Utah for 23 years, and have only been to Zion's once! I bet the trail is ntense, and the pictures do scare me, but "I can do hard things" has been my motto so I'll do hard things including that. :)

      I'm glad I could give you something else to put on your travel to-do list! :)