Things that are Friday Five: Running Tips

Friday, August 14

I'm linking up with Courtney, Mar and, Cynthia again this Friday, for Friday Five. I've been really enjoying linking up with them, and it's been fun to see other running blogs in the process.

My list is going to be things that I have personally had issues with:

1. Don't. Run. In. Cotton. Seriously!? I keep forgetting and go out and run/exercise in it and it always makes me sweat 10x more! Please refer to the picture below for an example... Extra sweaty! Just don't do it!

2. Pace yourself! I tend to forget to do this out on my weekly Tuesday runs, and go a lot faster the first mile, but then I'm burnt out the rest of the 4 miles that I'm running. For new runners its especially good to do. I know there are several apps that will yell at you (not really yell) and tell you you're going to fast or too slow. You can see that I still have a hard time with that...

3. Get a good pair of running shoes. For me I wear Altras (though I just returned a good pair because I could feel them pushing me to supinate when I need more pronation in my feet). I used to wear Ascis, but then I got that nasty case of ITBS (not sure it will ever go away??),  and switched and running has gotten a lot better. For me it was trial and error. I have been wearing Altra Intuition and have also run in Altra Torin's. I'm going to go try on the Altra Olympus for my long runs possibly tomorrow.

4. Strength Train. I'm new to this whole strength training thing, but I can't tell you how much it has seriously helped my running the past few months of just doing a few basic squats and lunges - and don't forget your arms and your abs! I am now a believer in this!

5. Stop running when something hurts. Yet again, I don't know how many times I have run through the pain because I had to keep going. That has been the stupidest thing in the world for me to do. Yes, there are times if it is an ache or a pain that hasn't happened before that it's okay to keep going - but if it persists and happens every time you run, then you probably should see a doctor. **This was from my knee injury a few months ago.

***Disclaimer - I'm not a professional, I've just learned from experience with certain things, and know better now when my body needs a doctor/chiropractor vs just a day of rest. So my word of advice is listen to your body...***
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