Things that are Friday Five: Race Day Surprises

Sunday, August 2

I'm linking up with Courtney, Mar, and Cynthia. I have a few drinks that I love, and some that I only get in the summer, but mostly the ones I have listed are ones that I would gladly drink anytime.

I'm a little late at posting this, but better late than never!

1. Headphones not working and not having a back up plan. That kinda happened to me on Saturday. The past few weeks I've been running with these nice Bluetooth headphones, and just in case they died I had a spare pair in my spi belt. Well I didn't have an extra pair for the race, and after mile 1 I finally got them working, but then they cut out at the very end of the race.

2. The people that you meet. I have done several races with new faces. I met a lady Saturday and she got my number and is going to add me to her Wasatch back Ragnar team hopefully next year. There was another race where my friend that I have ran with in the past wasn't able to run, and I ended up staying with her friends, and it was just a fun experience.
 photo D3AD6D61-EC3D-48BF-9344-3CBE34D77203-1484-000000C08692EA0C_zps7f915e28.jpg

3. Missing a race sign. My sister happened to do this last year, and she called me frantic because she got lost. I had to redirect her, and I eventually went looking for her after I had completed the race. I have also done this with a relay race last year, there wasn't a sign and I didn't know if I was supposed to continue on the trail or turn right into a neighborhood.

4. Unexpectedly taking first in your age group. Chase had that happen to him a few years ago at the Cedar City Half - he ran the 10k and was the only male in his age group. He was so happy and surprised at the same time! It was definitely joyful for him!

5. Post Race Food - I love food, and it's definitely one thing to have "creamies" at the end of your race. But it's also a downer when they mention food that they will have, and by the time you get finished with your race there is none left. That always leaves me with a bad impression.

There's my 5 - the good and the bad.
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  1. Good list - I agree about the food! I've been surprised at awesome finish food I didn't expect, and scarce finish food!