Things that are Friday Five: "A Day in the Life..."

Friday, August 7

I'm linking up with Courtney, Mar, and Cynthia for this weeks Friday Five. My life isn't that fancy or exciting, but here are 5 things that I did today...

1. Go to Work. This girl works her tail off! I am on my feet all day. Some would think that because I work on concrete floors all day that would prevent me from running. I think not! I had really bad IT band syndrome for what felt like the longest time! The #1 thing that cured it (at least for at work - still working on it with my running) was wearing Altra's! I noticed a difference a few days after wearing them the first time, and haven't switched back. I have 3 pairs now; 2 that I switch off for work, and 1 that I wear strictly for long runs.

2. Picked up my wetsuit for the triathlon tomorrow! No workout today for me - but I did walk a LOT today. Hopefully the amount of rest this week will help with my endurance for tomorrow.

3. Fix dinner. Tonight we (me and Sister Carolin - hubs has been gone with the youth from our church all day) had these lovelies, called "No Crust Pizza Bites":
I love having pizza on Friday nights. But Chase and I don't do a lot of bread anymore (and I'm okay with that now, and it's not as bad as I thought it would be). So these tend to fit that desire for pizza. They are also gluten free and low carb!

4. Went to a meeting about tomorrows triathlon. I've never done one before (like I've mentioned a lot), so it was helpful to have someone go over the ropes with all of us. I think it's pretty straight forward, and should be fun as long as there's no rain!

5. Spend time with my two dogs - though they decided to escape so we had to run after them. They went farther then they have before, so I was a little worried. But thankfully they weren't injured and they came to us when we caught up to them.

There you have it, the short version of my life.
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