Things that are Friday Five: 5 Things I Did This Summer

Friday, August 28

I'm linking up with Mar, Courtney and Cynthia for the Friday Five. If you want you can join us at any time by linking up with them! It's a lot of fun (that may just be me)!

This week's Friday five is 5 things I did this summer:

1. Started the summer off with running the Memorial Day 10k. That was a LOT of fun - the part after the run, when I injured my knee = not so fun. I will finish the summer with running the Huntsville Marathon at the end of September (is it really fall by then or still summer?).

2. Got to go to two Real Salt Lake Games with friends. We always love watching Real Salt Lake play (though I tend to forget when the games are), but we enjoy going to the games more.

3. Went to Anchorage Alaska with family, which was AMAZING. I can't believe how green and beautiful it is there. We did a LOT of fun things too! I'm still writing about my trip and all the things we did while we were there (on my personal blog).

4. Chase and I celebrated our 8th Anniversary. It's been a crazy, fun, exciting, adventurous 8 years. I can't believe what we've been able to do and see together. We did get to go kayaking and have fun with the dogs those few days.

5. We just did our First medicated IUI with a reproductive endocrinologist. We're still in the two week wait. I don't know if we're pregnant or not. Won't know till next week with a blood test.

Hope you enjoyed a few things (though I have done a TON more - but these were just the highlights of the summer) about my summer.
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  1. Sounds like a busy but fun summer. I love going to watch a bit of soccer, though don't get the opportunity often. I celebrated my fifth anniversary with my wife this summer. Best of luck with your IUI. Not an easy time waiting.

    1. Thanks John! Congrats on celebrating your 5th anniversary!