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Tuesday, August 4

I sometimes feel I can be crafty. Not very often, and it only comes in spurts - mainly when I have a project that I really want to get done, and would really like it done so that way I can start enjoying the project. I'm not very patient when it comes to crafting or scrapbooking...

I have wanted a running board for a while now. Something that I can display my medals and my bibs (though I didn't realize how many bibs I have).

I wanted a cute saying or something for my running board, so I first went to Pinterest and found a few of these:

I really liked the saying "Keep Calm and Run On" So I went with that one.

I first got a board for me to create my design. Then I found the "Keep Calm" font free online, and created the saying in Silhouette studio.

I first had to sand down the whole board (we have an electric sander which made this step a lot easier), then I got the paint color I wanted from the store - teal. I have been loving teal and mint green a lot lately.

After I painted it I got help from the hubs and drilled holes for the knobs to hold my medals.

I do know how to use power tools, but he did the first one so I knew what I was doing.

We used the placement of the vinyl and where my bibs were going to be for the measurement of the holes for the knobs.
All holes drilled

After the holes were drilled, I had to make sure that the keep calm saying and the crown would line up correctly.

Chase is amazing and put the vinyl on for me. I'm not a very patient person, and knew that would give me a headache, so I lovingly asked him to do it for me (and he used to do it for his job at one time in his life - so he's good at putting it on).

After I added the knobs and the vinyl I mod podged it so it would be easier to clean. Plus it makes it a bit shiny which is better than the dull look from the paint.

 We then put hooks to hang it with - 3 of them to be sure it would stay up on the wall.

 All my bibs and my medals

I don't know about you but I write on the back of each of my bibs to add the date, the time I ran and what the race was called. I haven't done it to all of them, but a lot. I was surprised at how many bibs I had from each race that I've done (maybe some are Chase's too?).

This project has taken me quite some time to first start with designing it and then to finish it. I really wanted it to be nice and not look crappy so I took my time, and I got help with a few of the harder tasked steps - which made it go a little quicker.

I think it turned out awesome and am really happy with the finished project!
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