Things that are Goal Updates For 2015

Tuesday, July 28

Another blog I follow shared her goal updates for the year. Courtney at Eat Pray Run DC not only does monthly goals but yearly goals too. I thought she had an awesome idea and thought I should do a yearly goal update for me and in the end it happens to be a way for me to stay accountable. I will probably do another year end review of my goals.


Goals for the year:

*Having a better and more meaningful relationship with Chase - Definitely a work in progress, I mean marriage isn't "happily ever after" it's "get married and then go to work" it's always a lot of work to make a marriage work, and I think Chase and I have a great relationship. Yes we have our ups and downs, just like any relationship, but our relationship has grown stronger than ever this year!

*Being OKAY with me asking Chase for help around the house - I still struggle with this, but it has gotten better. I have learned that I have to get over my pride and ask for help, because I can't do it all on my own. 

*Running my first Marathon - I am going and planning on running the Huntsville Marathon which is the last week in September. I definitely have had a few setbacks for running this marathon, but I think in the end it will strengthen my ability to run better and farther.

*Strength training on my own and in a class at the rec center - I have been doing more than that as of lately, I have been swimming, and weight lifting and taking a barre class, as well as riding my bike. This all will help me do my first Triathlon in a few weeks.

*Eat better - eat more clean stuff - more fruits and veggies - Chase decided at the beginning of June that he wanted to lose weight, he was fed up with how he looked and felt. We talked about going on a "low carb diet" which turned into basically us watching what we ate. We took out a LOT of bread and pasta, and for the most part rarely eat that stuff any more. We are using "My Fitness Pal" app on our phones and it definitely has been helping Chase lose weight - and me to be able to see how much food I'm putting in my body. He's lost about 18 pounds so far and has lost it just by keeping track of the food he's been eating. We haven't gone out to eat hardly at all, which has helped our budget, and overall I feel a LOT better on the inside.

*Be in the here and now - not on my phone so often - I'm still working on this one. Trying to get followers for the blog as well as on Instagram has taken a lot more time than I was thinking. But when I need to be in the here and now, I am.

*Strive to be more spiritual - work on reading my scriptures and reading more General Conference talks - This is still a work in progress, I try hard to remember to read my scriptures and listen/read general conference talks, but I still am struggling with it.

I think I'm doing pretty good as far as continuing with my goals. I only have one goal to officially check off my list (running a marathon) - all other goals are for me to continue long term.

Just have to remember this quote for those days that are hard:

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