Things that are Friday Five: Health Trends I'm Not That Into

Friday, July 10

It's Friday Five here on the blog today. I'm linking up with Courtney from Eat Pray Run DC and for the first time Mar, with Mar on the Run, and Cynthia at You Signed up for What?!.

1. Crossfit - I just never got around to trying this out. The prices to do crossfit are a lot more than a local gym membership and so that has always led me away from it.

2. Wraps - I've always seen this as a multi-level marketing, and to be honest I try and avoid those. I also don't believe they are the healthiest things to do to your body.

3. Spartan Races/Tough Mudder - These haven't ever appealed to me. I just think of over exhausting myself and I know how I get when I reach that point, and that kind of overwhelms me.

4. ZUMBA - The only dance I like doing is country and ballroom. Dancing and moving like how they move makes me look silly. I'm not good at that kind of dancing. *Trust me you don't want to see that*

5. Zombie Runs - I never got into the zombie phase. I don't watch The Walking Dead. Plus knowing that someone/something is running after me as there are faster "zombies" than me, just intimidates me.

To end on a positive note here are 5 things that I do love:

1. Running - that's a given, and I'm working at running a full marathon! woo hoo!
2. Swimming - I have been working at swimming more so I can eventually do a triathlon.
3. Barre - I have really liked toning and working on using those other muscles you don't use when you run. Plus strengthening my running muscles is something that I need to work on.
4. Chiropractors - My guy I go to is awesome! He has helped me SO much!
5. Acupuncture/Massage - This has helped me and a lot of other runners I know. I'm amazed at how well I feel after I get a massage and acupuncture done.

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