Things that are Friday Five: Favorite Summer Drinks

Friday, July 24

I'm linking up with Courtney, Mar, and Cynthia. I have a few drinks that I love, and some that I only get in the summer, but mostly the ones I have listed are ones that I would gladly drink anytime.

1. Dr. Pepper - I have seriously always loved this drink. I'm not sure why, but I'm seriously addicted to it. I know soda is not the best, but Dr. Pepper is like my coffee (except I don't drink coffee). But really, a cold DP is so nice for those hot summer days.

2. Italian Soda - If you haven't tried one of these you should. You can make them at home too, you just need flavored syrup and club soda. You can find some good recipes on pinterest.

3. Hawaiian Shave Ice - I know this could be considered in the ice cream/slushie category, not the "drink" category. It's So good! There is definitely a difference between "shave ice" and "shaved ice"

4. Jamba Juice - I always love Jamba Juice, it doesn't matter if it's in the summer or in the winter. There is ALWAYS something good there! If you didn't know they have a secret menu, and there's one that is called White Gummy Bear, which is really good, and it seriously tastes like the white gummy bears.

5. Swig - It's not a drink, but a specialty drink stop. They are known for their "Dirty Diet Coke" or "Dirty Dr. Pepper." What makes it "dirty" is the coconut (and I like to add in lime too). It's so so good!

And add a donut too...

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  1. oooo that donut looks good...

    I love jamba juice! I always worry about how much sugar is in it but dang its good :)

    1. Yeah, Jamba Juice probably has a ton of sugar in it, but I don't get it very often, so I figured once in a while won't kill me! ;)