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Wednesday, July 22

A few years ago (2011), I joined this site called expotv that gave reward points for giving video reviews. I found out that they were giving a Clearblue Fertility Monitor to those who qualified. Since Chase and I were having trouble getting pregnant I thought I would see if I would qualify to receive one.

I was able to get one, and thank goodness too! They are pretty expensive on Amazon ($200 range). I'm sure it's because they are outdated now (when I looked a few years ago they were in the $130-150 range).

When I received the product from the company this is what they sent me:
I have seen comparable monitors from Clearblue and they are half the price ($150 range) So I'm sure this is even better than the one that I currently have.

You can watch the video review I did here:

Overall I think it does a pretty good job. The one thing that I wish I could change is that since I ovulate so late in my cycle it still has me test on day 10, after using it for several months in a row. So I don't think that it adapts to my cycle, which is a pain. When I know that I don't ovulate till later in the month I don't see a reason to waste my money on using the sticks. So I don't even start testing until after my period is over which can be as late as day 13 (yeah I know!). Other than that I really love my fertility monitor, and it does an accurate job at determining when I ovulate (I also do other methods to determine ovulation other than relying on technology).

No this product hasn't help us get us pregnant, yet... But I'm sure it has helped others succeed.

**disclaimer: Clearblue did not pay me for my time or for writing this review. I just think it will benefit those who need or have been thinking about putting in the money for one.

If you have any questions I am more than willing to answer them! I would love to hear what methods you use to determine ovulation.
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