Things that are not quite a random Monday March 23 edition

Monday, March 23

So this past week was kind of crazy! and unfortunately this week will be even crazier! I've been told that I will need to go into work on Saturday (due to it being the end of the month, and end of year, and end of quarter). Not really looking forward to working a Saturday. I haven't had to do that for a long time.

So last year sometime, I listened to the audiobook "The Phantom Tollbooth." I remember watching the movie when I was younger and it scared me. I have a few other movies that gave me the creeps when I was younger, Return to Oz, and Tremors (of all the movies I've watched this one gave me nightmares for a year! No joke!) are the only ones that I can distinctly remember. So anyways The Phantom Tollbooth is better a book than a movie! While I was listening, I can't remember exactly who said it, I heard this and HAD to write it down! It was something that I needed at the time, and knew I would benefit from it later.

I love it and it's now one of my favorite quotes!

I got approval to run again, and went out on a really short run (I was told I needed to take it slow and progress slowly when I do go out and run)! 1.8 miles! I told myself that I wanted to run the whole thing - which I did. It was a little chilly for me, but I was SO happy to be able to run the whole thing without stopping. I was surprised by how quickly I went and that I did not run as slow as I thought I would.

That's not really that random right?!

Off to bed for me!!

How was your weekend?!
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  1. Love your blog header and that font- looks amazing! Congrats on getting back to running! Glad you had a great run!

    Katie @ Running A Ragnar