Things that were an Infertility Seminar @ Utah Fertility Center and a Saturday Run

Sunday, February 15

Chase got an email from a friend about an upcoming seminar from Utah Fertility Center. Chase thought it would be a good idea for us to go, and I am SO SO SO glad we went.

I have been feeling like the fertility clinic that we have been going to didn't really seem like they cared about us. For instance, it took over a month to get my test results reviewed by the doctor. They also didn't help us with a plan to start infertility treatment and how much that said plan would cost. Well, what would be the best result for us? I really wanted a break down of what they would like to do to help us and what would work best for us personally.

At the Seminar, Utah Fertility Center had two speakers the first is a Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE), and the second is a Reproductive Urologist (his focus is on male infertility - I'm pretty sure most Urologists are focused on that).

Some new things that I learned from the RE:

-I found out that infertility has only been listed as a "disease" for about 5 years by the World Health Organization (WHO). It surprised me that its only been 5 years.

-Stress doesn't cause infertility - did you hear that?! Stress doesn't cause infertility! That is a big FAT myth that stress causes infertility!

-For an IUI they take a sample of the most moveable and viable sperm and inject that into the uterus.

-A normal couple has a 20%/month (85%/year) chance of getting pregnant
 Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) 20%/month
 In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) 46%/month
 Utah's IVF Average for a live birth is 61%/month

They also said to be sure to write to your local legislation to mandate insurance to cover the cost of infertility. They said in Utah, for everyone to have infertility on their plan it would only raise it up about $2.50 (or close to).

Some things I learned from the Reproductive Urologist:

-Male factor is more expensive.

-Underwear doesn't matter, and having a laptop on your lap doesn't matter.

-Having a healthy lifestyle = higher sperm count.

-It takes 72 days for the sperm to recover after a man has been in a hot tub/sauna.

-The doctor said that Spermatogensis takes 64 days to complete.

- Men produce 100,000 sperm a second (when the doctor said that all the girls in the room looked at their husbands crotch, which we thought was pretty funny).
So now we will go in and see them (Chase will see the Urologist and I will see the RE) and hopefully they can help us put a plan into action (and hopefully not the most expensive plan). 

While we were at the seminar and talking to one of the ladies that works in the front office. She was saying that we can't put our lives on hold for infertility. We need to live, we need to go on trips and enjoy ourselves, because Chase and I are a family. Yes, kids make it more of a family feeling, but I was happy that she told us that we are a family. That kind of reminded me of a post that I put on our personal blog a few years ago, titled: Pregnant or not life will move forward.

As a side note... I was talking to a infertile friend and she said they had taken off last year from doing anything fertility related (like Chase and I) and she said she was SO happy. I think the same was felt for us. Life has to move forward, we can't put everything on hold, because the world will change while we still wait in our sorrow.

I really enjoyed it and hope that if you are able to go to one of these do!

Yesterday I went on a run... Chase went to a boot camp class and I headed for the trails.

It was such a gorgeous day! The only downside to my day was my body failing me... The problem I had from the St. George Half is back! I only got 1.7 into the run when it started hurting, so I immediately turned around and headed back to my car. I thought running on a trail would help it not hurt so much because it's a dirt trail, turns out the up and downs from the trail itself is what caused it to start hurting again in the first place. So I'm just going to run on flat surfaces for a while. (yep, I got bit by something [or it's a zit?] right below my eye, and I can't get it to go away)

I really enjoyed the view. I also found this awesome website that lists all sorts of trails and how steep they are, etc. I will definitely be using that website more to go on more trail runs this year. 
You can check it out: Here

Since yesterday was Valentine's Day, Chase and I went and got some Froyo! It was so yummy!

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